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According to there are currently more than 6,93 Billion Internet users across the world. More than 22.1% of these Internet users are from Europe and more than 12% from North America. As far as South Africa are concerned we have the largest Internet user base in Africa at an impressive 6,8 mil Internet users. If all of these facts are taken into account it becomes very clear that the Internet offers a large opportunity for visibility to millions of potential buyers both local and abroad.

Currently there are;

  • an estimated 500,000 real estate websites online
  • In South Africa there are an estimated 15,000 real estate sites
  • With this amount of competition, it becomes important to be ahead of your competitors in terms of your online marketing strategy

One of the Estate Agencies using our CyberAgent software, Cape Route Properties, made the following stats available on where properties sales comes from in his business;

  • 22% Show houses
  • 20% Referrals
  • 10% Newspaper adverts
  • 23% Internet
  • 11% Office walk ins
  • 11% For sale boars
  • 3% Others

The Internet is for sure the best sources of sales therefore make your website work for you not just Nationally but also Internationally

If you are an International client ask yourself the following questions;

Do you have your own business?
Do you want to increase your profit?
Do you want the maximum number of customers?
Do you want to be known all over the world?

You should have a website for your business

Having a web site is not only a decisive step into the future, but a necessary move to stay competitive in this fast paced world.
Here at TivviT Solutions we have development and maintained nearly a 1000 websites!

Through our CyberAgent Anywhere application we make you the office and your agents mobile! Not only can you now work from a desktop at the office, work from home on a laptop, work from an Internet Café or work from your PDA but we will also give you your own website interface.

As a CyberAgent Admin (Administrator) user you have two options;

  • Select one of our 9 standard website templates or
  • For an additional cost we can customise a design to fit your corporate identity.

For a template website all you have to do is select the template (as displayed on this page) when you complete the registration form, give us a option of  one of three different domain names that you would like for us to register for you, email your logo to and we will have you up and running in a flash.

Standard Website Templates:

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