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Newsletter - 13 December 2004
Our Xmas gift to you!
  • Modify Website Settings
  • Modify Website Meta & Keywords (applicable to users with their own websites only CyberAgent Professional)
  • Website statistics

1. Modify Website Settings

Use this option to check existing contact and location information. It is very important to make sure your contact details and location of your agency is correct.

New to this is the Updating of Sales. If this field is marked with a “Y”, your sales will be updated every time you upload your property. This will provide you with stats on your sales, transfer attorneys and financial institutions.

2. Modify Website Meta & Keywords

If you have your own website, you are a CyberAgent Professional user.

One very powerful way of attracting traffic towards your website is through search engines. Search engines make use of “Spiders” to gather data regarding your website. This data is then recorded in databases and transformed into information.

When a person browsing the Internet would search for example on Google, “Property Krugersdorp”, Google will do a lookup on all data related to the search words, format it into information and display it with links to various websites.

These “Spiders” visit your website on a regular basis and make extensively use of keywords and site descriptions. You can now modify your own Keywords and Website description by clicking on the Modify Website & Keywords hyperlink. If you want to change it and is uncertain, please call support on 011 9559100

3. Website statistics

This section consists out of a number of self explanatory hyperlinks and gives you a full overview of what is happening in your business.

  • Summary
  • Agent Com Sales
  • Sales per Transferring Attorney
  • Sales per Bond Registration Attorney
  • Sales per Bank


The Summary Page contains a number of check boxes (e.g. Property Count, Agent Count and so on) and a time selection. The time selection consists out of a year selection and a period selection.

If you have selected to update sales, a number of additional check boxes will be available for sales related stats.

The rest of the hyperlinks are self-explanatory.

How to unwrap your Xmas present

When you update you CyberAgent application next you will see that we have added a new button in the Website Update Form, “Website information”. This button will log you on to the CyberAgent Website that will provide you with a number of useful options.

You can also gain access to this website via the following link: If you use the link you will need your username and password information located on the Site Defaults form in CyberAgent.

Again should you need any assistance or should you not understand how to use this gift to its fullest, please contact support at or 011 955 9110

4. Support during the festive season

We will be running on skeleton staff during the festive season, but there will be at least one support person on standby at all times. You can phone our normal office number, or you can phone (011) 955-9119 which will automatically divert to the on duty support person's cellphone.