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Dear Reader

As we get nearer to the end of 2013 it is now time to “wrap up”; to finish what you have started during the year.

This might be easier said than done as it has been reported by several of our CyberAgent and SAPTG users that recently buyers are taking much longer to put pen to paper. It is also clear that homes must be well priced, no over-optimistic sellers and that the buyers must be more open to negotiations.

To “wrap up” from our side we will be hosting SAPTG information and training seminars for real estate admin staff as well as real estate agents. These sessions will be held in the following areas;

  • Johannesburg
  • Cape Town
  • Durban
  • Bloemfontein
  • Nelspruit

For more information;

Here are 5 reasons why you should be using SAPTG, for your deeds data;

  1. If the deeds office have it we have it! As far dated as 1856 and update within 2 days after we’ve received it

  2. Our management tool makes it possible to record additional information like bedrooms, bathrooms etc.

  3. You can customize your reports and upload your own logo. NEW is also virtualization!

  4. You can use your valuable information and SMS or email your contacts

  5. All your data is saved online!

Take a moment to consider what you’ve done better this year, maybe what you haven’t yet completed, and what changes you may want to incorporate in the coming months. Read more in Keep Going – Never Give Up!

Until next month!
The editor

CyberAgent News

SAPTG Seminar Invitation - brought to you by Tivvit

Tivvit will host a number of SAPTG information and training seminars throughout South Africa in the next month. This seminar will assist you in getting up to speed on the new SAPTG Information Toolkit & Reports.


Cape Town Johannesburg Durban

Thu 17th October 2013
9:00 - 12:30 / 13:00 - 16:30
Name of venue :
Training Centre @ The Institute of Estate agents
10 Howard Studios, Sheldon Way, Pinelands

Thu 31st October 2013 & Thu 7th November 2013
9:00 - 12:30 / 13:00 - 16:30
Name of venue :
FTI Training Centre
Kirstenhof Office Park, 1 Witkoppen Road, Paulshof, Johannesburg

Thu 24th October 2013
9:00 - 12:30 / 13:00 - 16:30
Name of venue :
Three Cities Riverside Hotel & Spa
10 Kenneth Kaunda Road (Northway) 4065, Durban

Bloemfontein Nelspruit

Thu 17th October 2013
9:00 - 11:00
Name of venue :
Chas Everitt Bloemfontein
39 Elias Motsoaledi, Langenhovenpark, Bloemfontein

Tue 29th October 2013
9:00 - 11:00
Name of venue :
Du Toit-Smuts, Mathews Phosa Attorneys
Law Chambers, Van Niekerk Street, Nelspruit



Seats are limited, click here to ensure you reserve your place.

Keep Going – Never Give Up!
A woman had a dream to swim the English Channel. After two years of stringent training she was ready to reach for her dream.

Properties Viewed, Property Enquiries & SMS Module
Not many people know about this useful online module through which you can monitor property enquiries, properties viewed and send SMS's.

EAAB – Professional Designation Examination (Pde) – 14 November 2013
Candidates wishing to enrol for the next PDE, whether for principal or non-principal estate agents, to be held on 14 November 2013 are advised as follows...

IEASA – Last Chance To Book For San Francisco
Join IEASA on the official industry tour to the National Association Of Realtors Convention San Francisco tour dates: 5-15 November 2013...

CyberAgent & SAPTG Training
We provide you with FREE training session in the following areas;
  • Gauteng (Daily)
  • Western Cape (Monthly)
  • Kwazulu Natal (Quarterly)
  • Garden Route (Quarterly)
  • Eastern Cape (Twice yearly)
  • Free State (Twice yearly)
  • Mpumalanga (Twice yearly)

about our upcoming training events
(including dates and venues)

A Powerful Viral Marketing Tool For You

Good news! Your properties can now be listed on YouTube!

Brought to you by Tivvit Solutions, TivvitTube can now convert your pictures to video. These videos include funky sound tracks, display descriptions (your note fields) and click through links to your website, where applicable.

Videos are then uploaded to YouTube.

TivvitTube is available to all CyberAgent and Property24 users.

The benefits of this is that;

  1. Your property will be listed on
  2. You will rank better on search engines like Google due to external links back to your website
  3. This will then add exposure for your sellers properties giving you that competitors edge

How does this work?

Once registered, all your properties, no limitation, with 3 or more pictures will be converted into video and posted on YouTube. Every time you make a change to either a picture or modify the property description we will redo the video, remove the previous video from YouTube and post the new one. All this will happen within 48 hours.

Furthermore, when updating to Property 24 though CyberAgent your videos will be featured under the slideshow tab of the property on the Property24 website.


  • Once off setup fee of R345
  • Monthly fee of R345
  • * Prices quoted exclude VAT

How do I register?

Contact our Sales Department at:
Tel: 011 955 9100

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