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Newsletter - 10 May 2004
Word from the editor

Dear Reader,

So much has been happening in the last week that we just had to put out a newsletter to you.

The editor

Your properties are now also displayed on for FREE!
Yes, this property channel on MSN was opened last week. Go to, click on Real Estate and search for your properties.

Did you know that with the click of a button your properties will be uploaded to your own website and also to the following websites:

Training/info sessions

Our first training - info session for the Western Cape 2004 is on it's way!

Date: 26 May 2004
Time: 09:00
Venue: Faculty Training Centre
STI House
Greenford Office Estate
21 Punters Way
Cost: R140 per person - including a meal and course material
Please take note that there are limited seats available!

Date: 21 May 2004

Contact : or (011) 955 9100
Requirement : Proof of payment (R140 per person)

Program - Overview of the CyberAgent programme focusing on the 9 different modules

To enable us to give you the full benefit of these training sessions we ask you to complete the "Agent User Questionnaire". Click here to go to our on-line Questionnaire now or visit

In the next CyberAgent newsletter we will announce the dates for our follow up training sessions. Pls. take note that these sessions will be more advanced.

Click here to view the CyberAgent System Flow Slide Show

Website updating
Internet advertising is of vital importance! What better plays could there be to shop than in your own home, your own comfort and at your own time?

With us advertising your properties on so many websites it is for you to make sure that the properties, agents and agency information are correct.

  • Did you know that you can load as many photos as you would like per property?
  • Did you know that under the Property Manager you can use "specifics and notes" to tell a story about the specific property?
  • Did you know it is utmost importancy to load "something" if you do not have a photo on the property? For example: NEW ON MARKET



It came under our attention that a lot of our Agency do not list their rental properties on their website.

Now with us advertising on so many websites you should make sure that you get maximum exposure. How? By listing ALL your properties, for sale and to rent.

Don't loose out on this one!

Should you be interested in having a "Rental module" in the CyberAgent application email us your request

SMS function

You can send numerous SMS messages from your CyberAgent application to your Agents, your buyers and your sellers for as little as 30c per SMS.

Should you wish to know more about this funcion contact support at or
011 955 9100

Referal commissions!

You can now earn extra commission for your Agency. Yes, we at CyberAgent negotiated a commission percentage of 0.5% on all referrals to Bridgeway.

Who is Bridgeway?

Bridgeway conducts business as a bridging finance company with particular focus on short-term bridging finance in the property sector.

Bridgeway focuses on addressing the cash flow requirements of various participants involved in property transactions - including sellers, buyers, developers and estate agents. Bridgeway's focus has lead to an intimate knowledge of the property market, conveyance processes and associated risk management factors, making Bridgeway a leader in this field.

For example

Competitors only advance up to 70% or 80% of the commission, whereas Bridgeway would advance 100%!

Competitors charge a monthly interest charge and an admin fee, whereas Bridgeway charge a once off fee with no interest being payable – no matter how long the transaction takes!!

To enable you to qualify for these commission or should you wish to obtain more information please contact support at 011 955 9100.