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Cabinet last week approved recommendations for a credit information amnesty. The proposed amnesty would expunge adverse information from the credit records of about 1.6 million consumers. This might not be that great news as many of South Africa’s major lenders have warned that the expunging of credit information could push lenders to be more conservative when advancing credit. Read Amnesty Update - TransUnion for more information.

New in SAPTG! On a mission to develop cutting-edge software by focusing on the real needs of our customers we are proud to introduce SAPTG Deeds Property Map Search. This will make it easier if a user is searching for a certain property but is unsure of the actual address, clicking on any property within a 250 meter radius of a searched address, SAPTG Deeds Property Map Search will populate other properties within that area, allowing a user to click on the individual dots until they find a dot/property information they are interested in. Read more in SAPTG Update

The EAAB has recently sent out a press release regarding an Education Qualification Deadline Extension. It seams that there might be some misunderstanding about who qualifies for this extension. For the full article and an explanation from Jill Corfield of who exactly qualifies for this extension see EAAB – Education qualification deadline extension

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CyberAgent News
SAPTG Update
New! Map Search - This great new feature will make it easy to find a property if you are unsure about the address or can not find the property through the normal search.
Coming Soon - Import Tel numbers into SAPTG Contacts

Amnesty Update - TransUnion
On Wednesday 5th June 2013, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the National Credit Regulator (NCR) recommended the adoption of a credit amnesty for financially impaired consumers (the Amnesty) that may go into operation as soon as October if properly approved by the Cabinet.

Cool heads needed in land reform debate
It is time for a clear perspective on the emotive issue of land reform in South Africa. Only if we cut through the disinformation, bad analysis and political opportunism can we approach consensus and make the progress we need to make...

EAAB – Education qualification deadline extension
Compliance due date extention: certification against NQF4 and NQF5 for estate agents registered with the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) on 15 July 2008...

IEASA – Reference to "Recommended tariffs" not permitted since '93
Some Estate Agencies (members and non-members) are still referring to “IEASA Recommended Tariffs” in their contracts.

SAPTG Quick Search Tips
Battling to find the correct property on the SAPTG website, read our handy tips.

Properties Viewed, Property Enquiries & SMS Module
Not many people know about this useful online module through which you can monitor property enquiries, properties viewed and send SMS's.

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