CyberAgent News - June 2013

What your buyers won’t do for you…
When we put our house up for sale, I stressed emphatically that my sons make their beds each morning. I left for work before they left for school, and I wanted to be sure that the house looked presentable when the agent showed it to prospective buyers. I was surprised and impressed that my 15-year-old son's bed was made perfectly each day. One night when I went into his room, I discovered his secret. He was fast asleep on the floor in his sleeping bag.

Is your properties listed on YouTube? Once register for TivvitTube, ALL your properties with 3 or more pictures, no limitation, will be converted into video and posted on YouTube and also updated to Property24, if you are a register user.

CyberAgent Anywhere and SAPTG users are now enjoying the new SAPTG interface.

New to SAPTG;

  • Google Maps - SAPTG is now fully integrated with Google Maps. This is indeed an innovative way to help users to find and view market trends
  • Interactive Google Map when viewing a SAPTG property
  • Two suburb layers (one receive from deeds office and also the SAPTG suburb layer) which assist finding property in an easier manner
  • Multiple selection for suburb, street and complexes
  • Property sales and virtualization which allows you to visually experience property sales

With over 50,000,000 mobile users currently in South Africa and currently ranked 28th in the world you, the real estate agent, should know the do’s and don’ts of test messaging. Read more in DO’s and DON’Ts of Texting for Real Estate Agents

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It’s here! Tivvit’s new Interface for SAPTG data!

It’s Bigger, Better and Faster! - Visit the new SAPTG site now!

Bigger – Data as far back as from 1856
Better – Management and canvassing tools with ample reporting, SMS and even email functionalities
Faster – Weekly data updating, within a day or two from receiving it from the Deeds Office

CyberAgent News
SAPTG Update
Google Maps
Great New Feature!!
Registration and sales Virtualization
Coming Soon - Import Tel numbers into SAPTG Contacts

DO’s and DON’Ts of Texting for Real Estate Agents
You may have noticed that many of your clients, particularly the younger set, prefer to communicate via text message...

Property's recent performance
A lot has been said and asked about property's poor performance during the last week of May...

EAAB – Audit report notification
The Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) hereby wishes to remind all estate agent firms irrespective of legal form i.e. Sole Proprietor; Close Corporation; PTY; Partnership of the audit requirements to be adhered to in terms of our legislation...

IEASA – Feedback on meeting with EAAB
It is my great pleasure to be in communication with you all, this being my first communication letter to IEASA members since taking up office as President of IEASA (National) on the 29 May 2013...

SAPTG Quick Search Tips
Battling to find the correct property on the SAPTG website, read our handy tips.

Social Media & Tivvit Solutions
As a company existing in this exciting era of constantly evolving communication platforms, we have made it our mission to embrace the Social Media phenomenon...

CyberAgent & SAPTG Training
We provide you with FREE training session in the following areas;
  • Gauteng (Daily)
  • Western Cape (Monthly)
  • Kwazulu Natal (Quarterly)
  • Garden Route (Quarterly)
  • Eastern Cape (Twice yearly)
  • Free State (Twice yearly)
  • Mpumalanga (Twice yearly)

about our upcoming training events
(including dates and venues)

Welcome to the Tivvit Family

We are very happy to welcome Carey-Lee and Bianca as part of the Tivvit team and in specific the sales team for the Western, Eastern Cape and Kwazulu Natal.

(Western & Eastern Cape)

Cell:  +27 (0)82 661 1492

(Kwazulu Natal)

Cell: +27 (0)83 653 5144

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