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Newsletter - 27 September 2004
Word from the editor

Dear Reader,

This month we have a newsletter full of exciting news! News not to be missed!

  • We now average more than 15 000 "real time properties" on
  • is this week on National television - KykNet, Ontbytsake
  • "New developments" module in CyberAgent
  • CyberAgent & SAPTG
  • Virtual tours

Sometime ago we sent out a survey to all our CyberAgent users regarding the usage of SAPTG.

We now have great news for all CyberAgent users. CyberAgent and SAPTG has come to a price agreement, offering you the user the best possible prices! CyberAgent users will have full access to the SAPTG portal services when subscribing to the SAPTG services. The product offering includes:

Property Transfer:
SAPTG allows subscribers to access the latest available information on property ownership, sale and purchase price, date of transfer, mortgage details, title deed and erf information including stand size and legal address information.

Computer Assisted Valuation:
Subscribers simply enter a physical address, the property's location is then graphically represented on a detailed cadastre map - a first in South Africa as no other property website offers this facility.

  • CyberAgent users will have the option to subscribe to one or both options
  • Two Magisterial Districts will be included in the pricing structure
  • Access will be for one user license per office


  • Property transfers and CAV search options R 450.00 excluding vat
  • Property transfers on its own R 235.00 excluding vat
  • CAV search option on its own R 235.00 excluding vat

You can read more in the SAPTG article.

Did you know that CyberAgent now also have a Franchising or Licensing module? Click on the following link to read more

Should you have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to email us at

The editor

New to CyberProp:

New to CyberProp:

1) New Developments Module
This module has been developed to assist estate agencies to market and sell New Development properties. Up until now agencies had to contact us whereby we had to develop web pages to accommodate these new developments at a cost. These developments were also only available on the agencies website only and not on all linked websites (,, and

This module will enable agencies to add the following information about each and every development:

  • Location information (Province, City and Suburb)
  • Main note / write-up on the development
  • Status of the development
  • Meta keywords for search engine optimization
  • Main picture
  • A picture of the site plan
  • Building specifications
  • Progress reports including pictures
  • Units
    • Unit Description
    • Selling price
    • Square meter
    • Bedrooms
    • Bathrooms
    • Garages
    • Private Garden
    • Other 1 and 2
    • Estimate Levi
    • Panoramic field to insert third party reference
    • Unit status (e.g. Now selling)
    • Unit notes
    • Notes on extras
    • Picture of the unit
    • Floor plan of the unit
    • Linked properties to this unit
    • Unit number
    • Status of unit (e.g. Sold)
    • Link reference to the property in the Property Manager

It is not necessary to complete all the fields/sections. If the information is not supplied it will not be displayed. All note fields may contain HTML tags like for instance a bold heading.

A default template has been designed for the displaying of the information on the web. Should you require customization thereof you can email There is unfortunately a fee involved.

Please Note: There will be no link on your website for New Developments. You will have to contact to add a link for this.

2) The new button on the CyberAgent Website Update form: Latest changes
This button opens up a webpage that details all of the latest changes to the CyberAgent programme - it shows the current build number as well as what was added or fixed in this build.

3) Slide Show in CyberAgent
Slide Show - It is now possible to run a slide show from within CyberAgent. This feature will be very useful for agencies located within busy shopping centers or walkways. You can set the minimum price, record order as well as the time between pictures you would like to show then all you have to do is to turn a computer screen to the window and SELL!

Training/info sessions

CyberAgent features that Users don’t regularly use:

Over the next couple of weeks we would like to highlight some of the CyberAgent features that users might not be aware of. To start of with – we’re giving you an overview of the existing icons on the CyberAgent toolbar.

The different Modules of CyberAgent:

1. Canvass Manager – Allows you to do cold canvassing more efficiently and economically

2. Agent Manager – Assists you to manage your Agents more efficiently and also enables you to to introduce these Agents to the Internet users visiting your website

3. Contact Manager – Assists you to build up a database of clients, allows you to manage clients and link buyers and sellers easily and quickly

4. Active Slide Show – Randomly displays all the “For Sale and/or To Let” properties captured in the Property manager

5. Property Manager – Enables you to manage your property, assists you to list

6. Search & Reporting – Assists in searches and reports

7. Referrals – Keeping track from where you send and receive referrals.

8. “CyberAgent MLN” - Enables two or more agencies, in agreement, to share property listings as well as the recoding of Property24 fields necessary for sharing on the Property24 website

9. Sales Manager – Records all the sales and computes the commission structures of all involved parties.

10. Sales Transfer Manager – Allows you to send transfers electronically to your transferring attorneys via Internet

11. Report Wizard – To create your report to suite your needs, also having the facility to export the report to other formats such as Comma Delimited (CSV), Microsoft Excel format, DBase format (DBF) or even HTML

12. Internet Explorer Launch Button – Open your Internet Explorer into your own website address

13. Site Defaults – Setup details are kept here. This will be configured by CyberAgent support staff

14. Website Update – Allows you to update your website with new and changed information

15. New Development – Allows you to add your own developments to your website with all the necessary information

16. The Property24 module - allows you to upload and download properties to and from the Property24 website and was designed on request from our users

Is there a house price bubble?

External shocks - 16 September 2004

John Loos takes the view that it is futile to speculate over the two great debates running in South Africa at present, to wit: whether the rand is overvalued or undervalued; and whether a house price bubble exists. A more appropriate discussion would be about possible shocks that could have an adverse affect on the average house price level.

He notes that it is natural to get uneasy following a period of sustained asset price increases as we have seen in the housing market starting in 1999/2000 and that we could be heading for a national house price crash as we had between 1984 and 1986.

His comparison of the economic landscape of the mid 80's to the current landscape makes salutary reading. For instance, mortgage rates rose from 11 percent at the end of 1981 to 21.5 percent in the second quarter of 1985. The domestic and security situation had deteriorated significantly towards the mid 1980's and this would have dampened the market further. Compare this with the current situation where interest rates have come down and the definite improvement in the domestic political situation along with consumer improvement.

As a response to those who say that the market has reached "extreme" valuations by historical standards, he finds that since 1970 house prices have under performed nominal GDP growth and that with 1970 equal to 100 in both indices, the house price index was only 33 percent of the value of the nominal GDP index by 2004. The average payment to remuneration ratio is not far off its lows of 2000 and 2001.

He therefore concludes that even though the current rapid increases will taper off somewhat, it will need a drastic shock to the environment to cause a decline on a par with the mid 1980's. Of the following three possible shock scenarios: a rand crash; a food price shock; and an oil price shock, only the last is the most likely and potentially the most devastating.

Article from:

Virtual tours

Quite recently we put together the materials for our advanced CyberAgent course in Gauteng and as a part of the course material, we focused a little on methods to enrich the experience of a visitor to your website.

I'd like to highlight one of the methods discussed in the training:

Virtual Tours

There are numerous ways of creating these but to sum it all up - there are 2 ways to go. Either you do it yourself which involves acquiring the equipment (hardware and software) and skills to create it, or you employ the services of a third party to create it for you.

Visual Tours : A South African based firm specialising in creating a visual tour of a house, by means of rotating images.

Examples of their work as well as a breakdown of their service can be found on their website.

These third party services can be directly incorporated into your CyberAgent driven website by means of a button located on the pictures form in CyberAgent. On the pictures form, you'll notice a button "Insert Visual Tours Link". When you click the button, you will be prompted to insert the URL provided by the third party. The URL is simply the website address of the visual tour or virtual floorplan that was created for you. Once you've inserted the URL into CyberAgent - you can simply update your website and you're done!

Please contact the service providers directly for more information - remember to mention that you're a CyberAgent user! You can contact CyberAgent support if you have any difficulties incorporating the third party solutions into CyberAgent.


A warm welcome to all new Agencies:

  • Prop 100 - Son-Op Eiendomme
  • Tower City Trading 160 CC
  • Unique Estate Agents (Pty) Ltd
  • Unique Westville
  • Unique Durban North
  • Unique Richards Bay
  • Unique Ballito
  • 035 Estates Agents
  • Jaguar Real Estate
  • Realty Maharishi CC
  • No Agent
  • Blue Property Group
  • (Repo-List CC)
  • (Dev)
  • (DT)
  • ( x 19 Lights )
  • Charmaine Jackson Properties

We trust that by now you are well aware of what CyberAgent can do for you. If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Jaco at or phone us at: +27 (0)11 955-9100 or 086 112- 9237

Most Internet enquiries:

Company Requests
De Huizemark JHB 158
Wendy Machanik Properties 117
Realty Executives JHB South 82
Homenet Pretor (Pretoria) 79
Homenet Agriplan 58
Hall Real Estate 58
Homenet Stellenbosch 53
U 51
Firzt 50
Sunday times
Company Requests
Realty Executives JHB South 32
Key West Estates 30
Drive Estates 24
Ridsdale and Associates 22
Wendy Machanik Properties 22
Bezt Estates 20
Tinus Strydom Centurion West F 20

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Body corporates, their managing agents and fees

During April 2004 the writer was confronted by a body corporate requesting a fee of R850.00 in return for issuing a levy clearance certificate in order to satisfy the provisions of Section 15B3 of the Sectional Titles Act, Act 95 of 1986 ("the Act"). The writer received this request for the fulfillment of a mere administrative function with disgust, amounting to an abuse of process in facilitation of the body corporate's own interest in ensuing payment prior to transfer. This fee was excessive in relation to the function required.

The response to the article Excessive levy clearance fees? posted on GhostDigest shows that the conveyancing community is in agreement that though they contemplate that an administration fee may be charged for the fulfillment of this function, in most instances in practice the fee charged by the body corporate or their managing agents is out of proportion in relation to the function performed...

Read More

SAPTG, the leading source of information relating to the property market in South Africa, has been in existence for over a decade. SAPTG is the only website in South Africa that contains property transfer history recorded by the Deeds Office dating back to 1993.

SAPTG uses Internet technology to enable property professionals to offer a scientific service that empowers them to value property correctly and determine pricing trends in identified areas. SAPTG provides subscribers with information from the Deeds Office regarding all property sales in the country on a 24-hour basis. You have the option to access information for a specific region or the whole country.

SAPTG makes sure that you are armed with all the information needed to make the right decisions, whether you are buying property, or involved in the purchasing cycle. Subscribers can base their valuations and estimations on the most up-to-date property data.

The following products are available:

Property Transfer:
SAPTG allows subscribers to access the latest available information on property ownership, sale and purchase price, date of transfer, mortgage details, title deed and erf information including stand size and legal address information.

Computer Assisted Valuation:
Subscribers simply enter a physical address, the property's location is then graphically represented on a detailed cadastre map - a first in South Africa as no other property website offers this facility. A summary of information on the property includes the number and total value of properties transferred in the street and the suburb in which the property is located, as well as the highest, lowest and average value of the properties in the area. Also provided are details of the transfers and values of the 20 properties closest to the one selected, and a list of the closest amenities and their distance from the chosen property.

For more information you can email Duane at or

Remember to quote that you are a current CyberAgent user!