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Newsletter - 28 April 2005
Word from the editor

Dear CyberAgent users,

One of the least understood areas for most real estate agents is effective marketing. When most agents decide to abandon cold-calling and traditional prospecting techniques, and venture into the "magic" world of marketing, they fall flat on their faces.

You see, the average person is exposed to thousands of messages each week from TV, radio, print, newspaper, flyers, billboards, etc. NO ONE processes all these advertisements.

With CyberAgent we offer you the best possible way to advertise your properties, Internet or website marketing. Your properties is listed on:


  • also on ANANZI -SA's biggest and most popular search engine

A few months ago we shared the good news with you that CyberAgent has managed discounted prices with SAPTG. Please take note that these lower rates will only come in place when your current contract comes up for renewal.


The editor

Mail Box...

"Goeiemôre CyberAgent span,

Ek kan nie anders nie as om die bestuur en span van CyberAgent geluk te wens met 'n puik produk en puik diens. Ek kon dit nie glo nie toe daar binne ongeveer 2 ure nadat ek 'n eiendom op die internet geplaas het my eerste e-mail navraag ingekom het. En was ek nog meer verras toe daar 'n tweede navraag ingekom (vir 'n ander eiendom wat ook gistermiddag gelaai is) ongeveer 10nm gisteraand. Dit is absoluut fantasties - net jammer die eiendomme is slegs voorbeelde.

Die situasie sal egter vinnig verander met die dat ons advertensies van vandag af verskyn.

Ek het nog 'n paar klein regstellings/aanpassings op my website, maar met die ondersteuning en veral Johan en Jaco se bereidwilligheid het ek geen twyfel dat alle ratte binne die volgende dag of wat glad gaan loop nie.

Ek glo nie diegene van julle span wat direk saam met my gewerk kan anders as om te dink dat ek 'n perfektionis (vol fiemies) is nie - daarom glo ek dat julle kan trots wees as ek julle komplimenteer. Nogmaals geluk en baie dankie. Julle pakket en diens is die beste waarde vir geld wat ek in 'n lang tyd raakgeloop het!

Ek sien daarna uit om 'n Lang pad saam met julle te loop."

Daan Marais -

MIKE - Proprop -

What's New ???

Touch Screen / Slide Show Module
A print form have been added. This form enables you to included/exclude properties and print a summary list including pictures. To activate this function, right click on the configuration button and select "Show Print button", save and close the form. To access, Right Click on the print button.

This report can also be printed in PDF, MS Word and Excel format

Canvass Manager
The SAPTG import now supports Farms and Sectional Title data import

Click here to view a list of the latest changes in CyberAgent

Training/info sessions

Our next info/training session for the Gauteng and the Western Cape is on it's way!


Date: 31 May - SOLD OUT

Date: 14 June 2005
1st Session - 09h00 - 12h00 - Beginners Session
2nd Session - 13h00 - 16h00 - Advanced Session
Venue: New Horizons Training Centre
16 Republic Road cnr Main Street

Cost: R50 per person per session

Contact: or (011) 955 9100
All booking fees must be paid by Friday, 10/06/2005. Please fax proof of payment to 011 955 9110

Western Cape

Beginners Session

Date: 18 Mei 2005
Cost: R50 per person per session
Venue: 65 Balfour Street
Churchill Estate


Chris Niemandt at:
082-432 6963

All booking fees must be paid by Friday, 13/05/2005. Please fax proof of payment to
011 955 9110

Advanced Session

Date: 01 Junie 2005
Cost: R50 per person per session
Venue: 65 Balfour Street
Churchill Estate


Chris Niemandt at:
082-432 6963

All booking fees must be paid by Friday, 27/05/2005. Please fax proof of payment to
011 955 9110

Please take note that there are limited seats available!


CyberAgent & Ananzi

Ananzi is South Africa's biggest and most popular search engine with over 10 million page impressions monthly.

Now you have the chance to advertise your properties on Ananzi Property. From today, 28 April 2005, CyberAgent users properties will be listed on Ananzi Property for FREE for the period of May 2005.


- Nationwide exposure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
- Display pictures and detailed property information
- A direct link to your website
- Real-time 24/7 property updating or editing
- Advertise a show house with 24/7 updating - and sell it before Sunday!

CyberAgent has managed to structure a fantastic deal for CyberAgent users with Ananzi Property. For a nominal fee of R100 (excluding VAT) per month you can list your properties on this search engine.

Should you need more information contact us at:

How to register:

  1. Click here to download the .pdf (Adobe Acrobat) contract
  2. Open with Adobe Acrobat Reader
    (If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed click here to download the Reader)
  3. Print the contract
  4. Complete
  5. Fax back to (011) 955-9110
  6. Or contact our support team at (011) 955-9100
CyberAgent now offers you good affiliate programs!!!

Specialised African Tour Services (SATS) handles very specialised upmarket tours and various other South African services, which are marketed predominantly in Europe, the Middle East and East Africa. We have a representative office in Holland with a second one opening shortly in the United Kingdom. For further information on SATs, please see our website,

We are in the process of expanding our range of services to offer a fully comprehensive Property and Business Investment Division for international investors, to be known as Specialised African Investment Services (SAIS). This will be marketed extensively in Holland and the UK initially, expanding during the course of the year into other European countries.

It is important to us that the image projected by our website is very professional, and that we have a wide selection of properties for sale nationally which are currently on the market, with inventory which is updated continuously. To accommodate this, an entirely separate website is currently being created for SAIS, and we have contracted CyberAgent to develop and host this on our behalf.

Please contact Barbara Raath if you would be interested in discussing a potential business arrangement between your company and SAIS. Your properties will be exposed to interested (mainly European) private investors, syndicates and estate agents through our website and international marketing efforts. There are no upfront costs or monthly fees to be paid, and no additional effort on your part is required. CyberAgent have made it possible for the properties of the agents with whom we contract to be automatically updated in our website when they update them in theirs.

Barbara Raath
Specialised African Tour Services (Pty) Ltd
Tel: (011) 444-8910 – office / 082 454 6241 – cell


A warm welcome to all new Agencies:

  • Tinus Strydom Moot
  • Byleveldt real Estates
  • Connie de Lange
  • East Kilbride Investments
  • Heading South
  • PropList Roodepoort North
  • PropList Durban North
  • RealtySA
  • Homesearch SA
  • Inovative Real Estate
  • Angor Financial Services
  • Property Live
  • Japie Mulder Real Estates
  • Joey Broodryk - Head office
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  • Joey Broodryk - Plattekloof
  • Joey Broodryk - Somerset West
  • Joey Broodryk - Stellenbosch
  • Joey Broodryk - Table View
  • Proprop
  • AST 987 Property (P100 Hartebeespoort)
  • Property Executives Honeydew
  • Property Executives South
  • East Kilbride Investments
  • Angor Financial Services
  • Heading South
  • Lize Zietsman Properties
  • Japie Mulder real Estates

We trust that by now you are well aware of what CyberAgent can do for you. If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Jaco at or phone us at: +27 (0)11 955-9100 or 086 112- 9237

Most Internet enquiries:


Company Requests
Proplist - Glenanda 195
Huizemark JHB 107
Realty Executives JHB South 104
Wendy Machanik Properties 93
Explore Properties (Marelle Trust) 76
Firzt Realty Company 73
Homenet Agriplan 62
Hall Real Estate 51
Kilokor Properties 47
Proplist - Hermanus 40
U 39
The Rental Giant 37
Homenet Pretor (Pretoria) 32
Nationlink Plattekloof 31
Sherlock Homes 30

Sunday times

Company Requests
Proplist - Glenanda 168
Realty Executives JHB South 98
Inpa Properties 94
Drive Estates 84
U 74
The Rental Giant 72
Wendy Machanik Properties 60
Hall Real Estate 44
Homenet Model 44
Just Letting (Fourways) 38
Adriatic Properties CC 36
Key West Estates 36
Andrew Lucas Real Estates (Pty) Ltd 34
Sherlock Homes 30

From the Accounts department....

By now you are all aware of the new legislation regarding Value Added Tax (VAT).
We need your VAT number as soon as possible.
Please fax proof of your VAT registration to 011 955 9110

SMS Module

Cell Phone enquiries from the public
Buyers driving past your advertising boards will be able to see an unique Internet Number allocated to the specific property. They will then SMS that number to 35476 and will receive an SMS back with all the details of the property. At the same time the agent / agency will also be informed of a potential buyer. How's that for technology working for you! The cost - mahala! Free to all CyberAgent subscribers.

Here's a diagram on the way this process will work...

  1. Agent captures the details of the property and pictures into CyberAgent
  2. Agent updates the property to the Internet
  3. The Internet server sends back a unique number for that property
  4. Agent puts up his "For Sale" board together with our SMS board
  5. Potential buyer sees the "SMS" board and SMS's the unique number to the Internet server
  6. The Internet server sends back an SMS with all the property details and a link to the website where he/she can view pictures on the property

Do Estate Agents have a conflict of interest?

Nedbank - Property Talk

Buying a home is one of crucial the investment decisions that people often have to grapple with.

But most prospective homebuyers are not familiar with the do's and don'ts of buying a house. To navigate the complex maze of home buying, the uninitiated often enlist the services of an estate agent.

However, calling on the expertise of an agent can have its problems. Critics charge that estate agents have a conflict of interest in property transactions. An estate agent cannot represent a buyer and a seller in the same transaction, it's a conflict of interest, charges Allister Long, MD of Powerhouse Financial Services.

According to Long, how do you get the best price for the seller and the best price for the buyer? “We believe that there is room for independent representation of both parties,” he contends.

Long also argues that in a lot of countries in the world, you have an estate agent representing the buyer, and another agent representing the seller, resulting in the commission being split.

Wayne Thornburn, a commissioner for Texas Appraisser Licensing and Certification Board in the USA, confirms that in some states of that country, the dual agency model is applied.

“You have one agent representing the seller and the buyer being represented by a separate agent,” said Thorburn, adding that the commission is then split between the two agents. He explained that in such an arrangement, the selling agent usually earns 4% and the buying agent pockets 2% of the commission.

“The way property has been transacted in South Africa for the last however long, the estate agents generally do control the market,” says Long. “And we believe that there is a need in the market for independent representation for the buyer.”

Justin Clark, MD of Private Property, advises that the most important thing you need to ask yourself before deciding to contract an estate agent is: “Who is looking after your interests.” In South Africa, argues Clark, there is only one agent looking after both the buyer and the seller.

“The estate agent earns commission as a result of negotiating a successful sale, so the only incentive is to close the deal only. Out of the three parties, whose interest do you think is foremost in the mind of the estate agent?" asks Clark.

In local property transactions, contends Long, the buyer often gets a raw deal. He reckons that this should be something the watchdog body, the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) should be looking at.

In response, Linda Nyembe, the chairman of EAAB, says the board is currently looking at the issue and an announcement would be made regarding this “contentious issue.”

But Nyembe also hastens to add that the code of conduct of estate agents requires that agents “should not represent the seller at the buyer’s expense.” But Melanie David, a conveyancing attorney at Powerhouse Financial Services, counters that often agents disregard the code of conduct because the board is not doing enough to enforce it. “Agents don’t comply with the code of conduct because errant agents are not adequately punished by the board.” (Moneyweb)

Quotation of the month

"I sometimes give myself admirable advice, but I am incapable of taking it. "
-- Mary Wortley Montagu: (1689-1762) English author