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Newsletter - 28 October 2004
Word from the editor

Dear Reader,

No one buys Britney Spears off a piece of've got to see that stomach wiggling for yourself! 23-year-old Britney is a multi-billionare! She has learnt to provide an experience. She has learnt to 'market the wiggle'.

Do not miss out on what Douglas Kruger, one of Africa's top professional speaker, trainer and presenter have to say on how your business and entrepreneurial efforts can benefit from this kind of thinking.  

Important news for all estate agents: No more commission tariff guidelines! The president of IEASA Mr. Bill Rawson shares with us the reason behind this statement.  

Q - When must I update my CyberAgent application?
A - At least once a month. You can even do it daily when you update your property. To download the new changes only take a fes seconds. You will also find a button "Latest changes" on our CyberAgent website, This button opens up a webpage that details all of the latest changes to the CyberAgent programme - it shows the current build number as well as what was added or fixed in this build.

Should my business have a website?

A very good question…  and there are literally hundreds of reasons why your company might benefit from having a website.  Just a few might be:

  • 24-hours a day access - Available to customers and potential customers 24 hours a day. Can't be thrown away or lost!
  • Save money - More can be included on your website;  can be updated at any time, and save re-printing costs.
  • Attract new customers - Put your website on business cards,  pens,  stationery,  etc.
  • Effective for any company - Useful for local customers,  as well as,  possible national or worldwide trade!

Even so, don't just run out and get a website for your business! It needs to be carefully designed for your message to be understood in the most efficient way! A site needs to get your message across and can give much more information than a television commercial or news advertisement might and allow you to sell your products and services, as well as, promote your business worldwide. The overall reach of the World Wide Web (WWW) gives you instant access to global markets. Even if your business is focused on local customers, worldwide reach can never hurt and sometimes leads to new and unexpected opportunities.

There is no practical limit to the amount of information you can put on your website. It's also a great way to give your clients information that educates them about your business. Customers like it because it helps them become a better buyer and it benefits your business because consumers are more likely to buy from someone who offers them an ability to evaluate products and services they are considering.

We at CyberAgent can assist you to maximise the possibilities of your website. Should you wish to know more email

The editor

New to CyberAgent

Click here toe view the latest changes in CyberAgent or visit


Training/info sessions

Let's look at the Canvass Manager

"Canvass Manager" provides the facility to import data from already registered
sources. You must be a registered to the various sources involved before you can
use this module

"CyberAgent" provides the import facility for the following:

SAPTG: South African Property Transfer Guide providing information of the transfer between the new and previous owners
CyberTrade: A Telkom System which provides you with telephone numbers of the properties that are registered with Telkom
Deeds Data Import: Provides you with the Erf & ID number of the current owner
Property 24 Deeds Import: Provides you with all relevant info except telephone
  • This module was developed to be populated with data from the various import sources. Existing data will be updated with changes that may have occurred
  • Imported data is divided into two section namely property and owner data and can be linked with the "Property and Contact Manager" modules

Other features of the "Canvass Manager" include:

  • the filtering of property and owner data
  • multiple reports
  • data export to MS Word for Mail Merge functionality
  • birthday filtering on month and day
  • bulk SMS messaging
  • owner search, search by name or surname

You can use the Canvass Manager to produce birthday cards or newsletters or any kind of mail-shot to potential clients

You must have Microsoft Word installed to do mail merging. The different versions of MS Word also have different capabilities when it comes to mail merging - the latest versions have the ability to do a mail merge directly to email, fax or printer.

Why use it?

Mail merging is used to send personalised messages to many recipients.

How do I send birthday cards to potential clients whose birthdays are in July, in a specific suburb from my Canvass Manager?
  1. Open the Canvass Manager
  2. Go to the "Filter Page"
  3. Select the suburb from the list of suburbs (top left)
  4. Click Apply
    This will yield the total number of properties that are in the selected suburb. This has no bearing on the number of birthday cards that you will be printing. There is a way to see the total number of birthday cards that will be printed, I'll outline that shortly
  5. Go to "Report Utilities"
  6. Tick the "Birthday Report" tick box
  7. Select "Jul" for July and "Month" - to indicate that you want to have all birthdays for the whole of July
  8. At this point you can query the total number of birthday cards that will be printed. To do so, click on "View Data", this will bring up a list of all clients whose birthdays are in July and a window at the top-right of the screen will indicate the total number of records
  9. Click on "Export" - this will create the data source. You will be prompted to indicate where you wish to save this data source. This is important because you will have to know where your data source is when you do the mail merge in Word
  10. Now you can open Word - there is no button for this in CyberAgent, you'll simply click on your Windows Start button and then locate Word
  11. In Word, you can either start a new mail merge document or you can open a pre-defined document. If you're starting a new document, you'll need to insert the merge fields into the document before you do the merge
  12. If you're content with the layout - click the appropriate merge option - ie: Merge to Printer

Note: I can't give specific instructions on how to insert the merge fields, since it depends on your version of Word. You can choose between using the mail merge wizard, or use the mail merge tools from the toolbar.

"Marketing the Wiggle" - By Douglas Kruger

No one buys Britney Spears off a piece of paper. You’ve got to see that stomach wiggling for yourself!

You have to hear those husky voice-tones, and experience the mind-blowing vibe and eye-sexing visuals of her live performances and music videos. But now that so many people have done just that, what is the result for Britney’s bottom-line (No, we are talking about the financial one!)?

23-year-old Britney is a multi-billionaire! She has learnt to provide an experience. She has learnt to ‘market the wiggle.’

Your business and entrepreneurial efforts can benefit from that kind of thinking – and you don’t need a spandex, bend-backwards stomach to do it! All you need is the vision and originality to find ways in which to provide ‘the experience’ of your product or service to your customers.

Let’s unpack that concept. You work in Real Estate. I happen to work as a professional speaker. For a tedious amount of time, I tried to sell myself off a CV alone. The success was extremely limited. I was trying to sell the paper.

Then I changed my angle. I decided I would provide the ‘experience’ of one of my presentations, rather than try to hawk it off A4 Office quality Typek. I offered to speak for free at seminars and events; everything from national symposiums to picnics for retired collectors. Why would I choose to do this? The reason is simple, once people had actually seen for themselves the value of what I had to offer, they were much more willing to consider tagging a monetary value to my product.

And ‘seeing’ is the key word here. Add to it the other sensory apparatus that allow us to experience – touch, feel, taste and hearing – and you have the keys to experiential marketing.

Experiential marketing is nothing more nor less than the art of letting your market sample your wares. If they learn to love it, they’ll be quicker to buy it.

Perhaps that’s why companies like Volvo have now started to say, “If we can get you into a Volvo, we know you’ll buy one.” And maybe that’s why every time you walk through Shoprite or Pick ‘n Pay, little ladies in tight-fitting suits greet you with offers to sample anything from Brazilian coffee to the latest hair-care products.

I recently met a young lady who has this idea taped, with a subtle variation in approach. When asked what she did for a living, she painted an exciting picture about how she helped stressed out executives to add an extra one-to-two hours worth of productivity to their working day. I was fascinated. What was her vocation? She turned out to be a nutritionist!

In a million years, I would never have been interested in what a nutritionist could offer to me. But I’m extremely interested in the ‘mental picture’ she painted. I was very interested to hear more about how I could add hours to my overall productivity. She has learned to paint the picture, create the mental image, and help her clientele to ‘experience’ the result of what she does. She has learned to sell the wiggle.

Very clever!

How can you apply this principal to your business? In your networking efforts, in your PR, in your sales, in the way you talk to people – what is it you’re telling them? Are you trying to sell Britney Spears off a piece of paper? Or have you learned to show them the wiggle?

To hear Douglas speak on this topic, contact him at: or (011) 475-1782


Expand your property horizons with a NATIONLINK opportunity

  • Join a national group with offices throughout South Africa
  • Retain your independence & trade with an established national brand
  • Access to inter-office referrals and specialist property & marketing knowledge within the group
  • Affordable fee structures

Existing offices in Eastern Cape, Gauteng, KZN, OFS & Western Cape


Having your own website....

The CyberAgent Professional package includes your own custom designed website. This website is easily updateble using CyberAgent as an off-line listing tool. By the click of a button all your properties including relevant information and images will be updated to your website in less than 2 minutes.

Some of the features included in your website are:

  • Property Search facility
  • Bond Calculators
  • Exchange Rates
  • Free SMS's to Estate Agents
  • Tell a Friend (Free SMS)
  • Mail This Property to a Friend
  • Property of the Month/Day/Week update facility

Example Sites - click on image to view

Your website will also be optimised and submitted to leading international and local search engines and for additional exposure your properties will be advertised on:

We also give you the opportunity to generate more traffic to your site, by submitting articles to the weekly CyberProp newsletter with over 12 000 subscriber world wide.


A warm welcome to all new Agencies:

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We trust that by now you are well aware of what CyberAgent can do for you. If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Jaco at or phone us at: +27 (0)11 955-9100 or 086 112- 9237

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As mentioned in the introduction you can have your own email addressed.

Here follow the prices. Should you need more information you can contact Jaco at 011 955 9100 or





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Email Accounts

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No more commission tariff guidelines!

By: Bill Rawson, President: Institute of Estate Agents of South Africa

Important news for all estate agents That's right. It is now illegal to publish commission tariffs, even if they are merely guidelines or recommendations. The Institute of Estate Agents, and organisations in the legal and medical professions, have learned this the hard way, as a result of investigations by the Competition Commission. The CC has determined that publishing tariffs is a form of "price fixing" and a "restrictive horizontal practice", and therefore a contravention of the Competition Act 1998. The Institute has just emerged from a CC investigation, and may now have to pay a substantial fine for having published recommended tariffs in the past...

Read More

SAPTG, the leading source of information relating to the property market in South Africa, has been in existence for over a decade. SAPTG is the only website in South Africa that contains property transfer history recorded by the Deeds Office dating back to 1993.

SAPTG uses Internet technology to enable property professionals to offer a scientific service that empowers them to value property correctly and determine pricing trends in identified areas. SAPTG provides subscribers with information from the Deeds Office regarding all property sales in the country on a 24-hour basis. You have the option to access information for a specific region or the whole country.

SAPTG makes sure that you are armed with all the information needed to make the right decisions, whether you are buying property, or involved in the purchasing cycle. Subscribers can base their valuations and estimations on the most up-to-date property data.

The following products are available:

Property Transfer:
SAPTG allows subscribers to access the latest available information on property ownership, sale and purchase price, date of transfer, mortgage details, title deed and erf information including stand size and legal address information.

Computer Assisted Valuation:
Subscribers simply enter a physical address, the property's location is then graphically represented on a detailed cadastre map - a first in South Africa as no other property website offers this facility. A summary of information on the property includes the number and total value of properties transferred in the street and the suburb in which the property is located, as well as the highest, lowest and average value of the properties in the area. Also provided are details of the transfers and values of the 20 properties closest to the one selected, and a list of the closest amenities and their distance from the chosen property.

For more information you can email Duane at or

Remember to quote that you are a current CyberAgent user!