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Newsletter - 31 January 2005
Word from the editor

Dear Reader,

The first CyberAgent newsletter for 2005!

Here at CyberAgent we strive in bringing the most to all our CyberAgent users and 2005 will be no different. We started the year with two new staff members, John Coffee and Mark Harris. Both of them will be operating in the support section of our company and already they are standing by to support your calls.

Technology plays an important role in all businesses and we will be bringing the BEST to you in the next few weeks. It will be... new..funky and will support your business on all levels, from marketing to obtaining mandates. Keep watching this space.

This month we assist you in making the most of your website - an article not to be missed.

Most of you are aware of the fact that our server is hosted at Internet Solutions (IS). This must give you peace of mind to know that your data is safe at all times. I received an article from IS, Benefits of having your own domain. I found this article very interesting and therefore I share it with our users this month. To read more on IS you can visit their website at


The editor

Training/info sessions

New Developments Module

New Developments Module - Loads up your (on) developments at no extra cost with all the relevant information for example, notes on the development, main picture, site plans, map to development, unit descriptions, building specs and progress reports. There is also meta keywords entered by default for all the developments. To this you can add your own extra keywords suitable for each development. These keywords are used so that search engines will find your developments when browsers type in any of the keywords when searching on search engines...

>> Read more

Mail Box...

Mail 1

The pictures on your website are nice, the layout is great, and the info is so out of date as to be completely useless.

In looking for a house, I have emailed 15-20 estate agents (most of whom don't respond on the 1st attempt), and without fail, I always get the response that " this house has been sold 3 months ago"


Mail 2

Some of the users are under the impression that one needs to update the website after every property change or addition. This is not the case. You do not need to update after every change. Once you have completed all changes to your property you can update it to the website.


Mail 3

Hi, i am still waiting for a reply to my enquiry on the 27.01.2005

T. J Crombie
(email was send to CA after no response was received from the estate agency on an Internet enquiry)

Coming soon...

We will be implementing a Unique Property Number for every property loaded onto the Internet.

How will it work?

When you update properties to the Internet, our server will allocate a unique number for every property that does not have a number. Before every property update CyberAgent will check for newly issued numbers and update your data before sending the latest update to the Internet. This unique number will be displayed in the "Property Manager" (top right hand corner).

Why implement a unique property number?

Since CyberAgent is an offline application we cannot issue unique property numbers via the Internet. A unique number is created by your BID (branch ID) and a number issued by your computer. For example: BID: SDEM1, Property Number: 00000301, Unique property number: SDEM100000301. The Internet generated number for this property for example can be "34532".
When advertising the property you can now refer to Listing number: "34532" instead of "SDEM100000301".

If you are planning to use this unique number in your marketing process, please email to add this feature to your website.

There are other reasons to but we will let you know within the next month.


Making the most of your website - Ideas to improve website traffic

Add your URL (web address) to everything!
Don't forget to make it your complete address - for example
Add this address to all correspondence, business cards, flyers, brochures, posters, mailings, car stickers, television and radio ads etc. People who visit your site will think of you when they consider buying or selling a house.

Make your site interactive!
We supply for FREE a mortgage calculator, exchange rates and a SMS function to your website for visitors to use. Make your site useful to the visitors. Add newsletters, articles on the areas that you are operating in, agency news etc.

Add your email link!

It should be posted on ALL pages. No visitor should have to look through your site to find a way to contact you. You never know exactly what page they entered your site on or which one they will leave by so add your email to all pages.

Submit your URL to search engines!
This you do not have to do. This is another FREE function offered by CyberAgent.
From your side you can make sure that the necessary key words that you need for search engines to pick up your websites are there for example: houses, for sale, to rent, property, etc.
If you have your own website, you are a CyberAgent Professional user.
You can now modify your own Keywords and Website description by clicking on the Modify Website & Keywords hyperlink. If you want to change it and is uncertain, please call support on 011 9559100

Don't worry about not getting feedback!
For instance, this week [8-8-99] we had 13,779 hits on ComPortOne, yet we get only 3 to 5 qualified emails a day. The important thing is that THEY ARE VISITING. All you have to do is to make sure that you have "fresh" stock on your website with ample photos and notes at all times

Don't add a web counter!
If you are visited often, counters appear to others as bragging. If you are visited less often they can be devastating. It is not how often you are visited but the quality of those visits that counts. [...Besides, those in the business refer to them as IDIOT COUNTERS - that must mean something.]

We are looking for property related articles from all our CyberAgents users for our weekly newsletter that currently goes out to 13000+ subscribers. These articles will appear in our article section and will have a link to your home page of the site that donated them. All articles must be original or have copyright permission from the source to adhere to Internet copyright laws.
Should you need more information you can contact us at This is a FREE offer not to be missed on.


A warm welcome to all new Agencies:

  • Speranza Properties
  • Key West Estates
  • Batt & Viljoen Real Estates
  • Pinnacle Property
  • J D Properties
  • Louw & Coetzee Properties

We trust that by now you are well aware of what CyberAgent can do for you. If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Jaco at or phone us at: +27 (0)11 955-9100 or 086 112- 9237

Most Internet enquiries:


Company Requests
Proplist - Glenanda 186
Realty Executives JHB South 102
Drive Estates 97
Wendy Machanik Properties 95
Firzt 85
Kilokor Properties 68
De Huizemark JHB 61
Inpa Properties 58

Sunday times

Company Requests
Proplist - Glenanda 64
Realty Executives JHB South 36
Drive Estates 30
Gateways Estate Agents cc 30
Wendy Machanik Properties 28

From the Accounts department....

By now you are all aware of the new legislation regarding Value Added Tax (VAT).
We need your VAT number as soon as possible.
Please fax proof of your VAT registration to 011 955 9110

Benefits of having your own Domain Name

By: by Internet Solutions (IS)


A domain name is a unique address that identifies a computer or network, which is connected to the Internet. In short, a domain name is your Internet address online, as in for example, which is the domain name for IS (Internet Solutions).


A domain name could contain your business name:, or any other word/alphanumeric character combination that you want, based upon availability. For example, Internet Solutions currently have the following domain name registered:

The benefits of having your own domain name are:-
1) Gives Exclusivity.
2) Adds Credibility.
3) Allows Mobility.
4) Avoids Loss of Momentum.


Without your own domain, your email and web addresses will generally be based on the domain name of your host or Internet service provider, such as and http:/ /

Having your own domain name is like owning your own virtual real estate; your own slice of the Internet. Such exclusivity can help build name recognition for you and your company.


Having your own domain name projects a professional image of you and your company, normally associated with large companies. It tends to say to others that you're a serious businessperson, operating an established business, in a professional manner.


If you set up a web site without owning your own domain name, you end up using the domain name of your web host by default. Such a web address is not mobile; and cannot be moved to another provider as the domain does not belong to you.

Ownership of your own domain name gives you the option of moving your web site to another host without losing your web address.


As any web marketer knows, it takes effort (not necessarily any expense, if you know some tricks of the trade) to promote a web site. Fortunately, over time, some of those marketing efforts can build momentum, bringing more and more traffic to your site without additional marketing effort. But unfortunately, if you can't take your web address with you when you switch to another ISP or host, you can lose much - if not all - of the momentum gained by your previous web marketing efforts.

Now you may be happy with your current web host and have no plans to switch, but having the option to move your web site to another host without losing your web address is always good to have open to you. Domain name ownership gives you that option, and any momentum you've gained from previous effort (and possibly expense) involved in promoting your web address doesn't go down the drain.

So, are you a serious Internet entrepreneur without your own domain name for your web site? Then now might be a good time to start making a list of possible domain names. However, don't grab just any domain name in haste. A poorly chosen one won't give you the maximum benefits that a well-chosen one can. Take your time to brainstorm the best domain name that you can come up with. That's a key task for serious web marketers, especially if you consider that your web address is the world's link to you.


Newsletter - Val Ludgrove
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Issue 1
News letter
25 January 2005
We at Val Ludgrove Real Estate have decided that it's time for a change. As you might have noticed we will be giving all the ins and outs about Plett and what's happening in Plett in a news letter form .
What's New?
We will not just be focusing on properties but also on what's happening in and around Plett. We know that you like to be in touch with Plett and what better way than this!

We hope that you will enjoy each issue as much as we enjoy putting it together for you.
Contact Barney Barnard @ 082 518 7086

Ancient History

Since its discovery by European its present name. Plettenberg Bay has been known under at least Eight different names: Bahia das Alagõas, Lagõa, Algõa, St Catherine, Formosa, Baay Content, De Bay Angola, De Keurbooms and Piesang River Bay. Founded in 1488, Bartholomew Dias named the bay Bahia das Alagõas translated as Bay of Lagoons. In 1630 the Bay of Lagoons saw its first inhabitants. Survivors of the Portuguese vessel The Sao Conçola stayed for nine Months. It was only in 1778 that Joachim van Plettenberg changed The bays name to the name we Know today, Plettenberg Bay.

More interesting facts to be Found in our next issue

Goose Valley Golf Estate Facts

Designed by: Gary Player Design Co Holes: 18 Par: 72 Fairway Grass: Kikuyu Greens Grass: Bent Grass Length: Championship: 5847m Club: 5455m Senior: 4795m Ladies: 4795m

Units For Sale Starting @
R690 000.00

Current Affair

Completion of N2-roadworks in sight.

Phase one of the improvement of the N2 started on Mon - day, 24 May 2004. The appointed Contractors, Black Top Civil Engineering, have appointed 94 laborers of which 64 are local. According to Mr. Kobus van Biljon, from Black Top Engineering, the construction would only take seven months to complete. To date contractors are still busy with construction work on the N2. Resident Engineer Paul Laubscher said that they had to Relocate major services and find alternative access to the liquor store. A meeting was held in mid November to decide whether to go ahead with the construction of the circle or work on the road verges. With limited time before the holiday season the decided to work on the road Verges. Paul said that they anticipate to complete the road surface at the end of March. The long awaited circle will be completed at the end of April and will be a great relieve to all!


Spacious, Very Spacious
3 Bedrooms,
2 Full Bathrooms
Large open plan Lounge,
Kitchen & Dining room area
Top Security Enclosed back garden
Double Garage
This house is a must to have!
Child, Animal and Wheelchair Friendly!
Asking Price: R1, 300 000.00

Newly Built

3 Bedrooms.
3 En-suite Bathrooms
Open plan Lounge, Kitchen & Dining room area.
Patios from all Bedrooms
Large Entrance Hall
Two Garages
This house was built for entertaining! Only 800m away from the beach.
Asking Price: R2, 650 000.00


Monthly success and profit tip

I don't like to brag. Marketing is bragging. No?

Marketing helps others. If you provide a good service you have a moral obligation to let as many people as possible know about, and benefit from, your good works.