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As we near the half year mark, the South African residential property market is still performing well with the metropolitan areas outperforming the other areas. According to SAPTG Data, the Western Cape is home to the areas where the most transfers are taking place, while in Rand amount Gauteng's areas take top honours. Read more in SAPTG Stats.

FNB’s April House Price Index is up 5% year-on-year with a month-on-month house price inflation remained near to zero in April. Ongoing economic weakness, along with an expected move towards a resumption of interest rate hiking, is expected to move house price inflation down to still lower single digit territory in the near term”. John Loos FNB’s household and property sector strategist. Download the full report

ABSA’s residential building stats for April 2015 reported that the number of new housing, based on approved building plans, is down with year-on-year with 6,1 % and the number of townhouses and flats increased with 23%. Download the full report

To be an estate agent is not easy. It indeed require numerous skills and attributes and I take my hat off to each one of you. An estate agent must be;

  • Dynamic
  • Honest
  • Responsible
  • Hard working
  • Self-motivated
  • Active and organized
  • Well spoken
  • Aggressive yet polite
  • Knowledgeable
  • Computer literate and
  • Must be willing to hear the word “no” more than “yes”

No wonder that so many estate agents quit long before a sale.

We have had numerous requests for adding a Rental Management Module to CyberAgent. But why reinvent the wheel? PropWorx offers a complete Rental Management System through which you can manage your leases, tenants and owners with great features. Find more information about PropWorx below.

Great news for our CyberAgent and SAPTG customers who claim BEE points, Tivvit Solutions has yet again received a BEE Level 1 Grading.

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CyberAgent & SAPTG News

SAPTG - Stats

Property Transfers by month for the last 12 months Property Transfers by month for the last 12 months (2014-05-01 to 2015-04-30). Stats include SA's average, top city and suburb stats.

Property Transfers by month for the last 12 months

Facebook - 5 Key Trends from Ad Week Europe 2015

Facebook - 5 Key Trends from Ad Week Europe 2015 Facebook joined over 23,000 attendees for Advertising Week Europe. Ad Week sees the industry’s best and brightest gather in London to swap insights, share successes and discuss the future of advertising in a rapidly changing world...

Facebook - 5 Key Trends from Ad Week Europe 2015

Tivvit is now feeding to

Tivvit is now feeding to

As part of our offering to our clients Tivvit now also feed properties through to the property portal.

Publishing is currently free and should stay like this for at least the next six months.

Updates take place on a daily basis and should you wish to stop publishing please contact the support desk so that we can delete your listings from this feed.

Tivvit is now feeding to


Tivvit & PropWorx

Tivvit is now feeding to PropWorx empowers you to easily & efficiently manage your Rental Portfolio and Trust, Deposit and Business accounts through our Integrated Property & Accounting Management System.

More About the PropWorx System:
Tivvit is now feeding to

PropWorx Prices for Tivvit Customers:
Tivvit is now feeding to

News & Data Feeds

News & Data Feeds Using CyberAgent or Feeding to or from Tivvit? Don't miss the latest, important updates below.

News & Data Feeds

CyberAgent Ad Generator
(CA Desktop Only)

Are you using Twitter effectively? On the Desktop version of CyberAgent is an Advert Generator. This is basically a tool that allows you, the user, to select listings and print a predefined pamphlet or advert.

Are you using Twitter effectively?

EAAB – One Learner - One Estate Agency

Estate Agency Affairs Board We have received emails from our clients wanting to know more about the EAAB’s “One learner – One Estate Agency” program.

This program is aimed at placing young agents from previously disadvantage groups as intern estate agents in the service of registered Estate Agencies.

We urge our clients to support the EAAB in this venture.

One Learner - One Estate Agency 1 1
(Document Download)

IEASA – National Association of Realtors & Skills Development Generic Scorecard

Institute of Estate Agents of SA Update - Jan 2015 Packages for National Association of Realtors convention in November 2015 are now available.

Packages for National Association of Realtors convention in November 2015

Skills Development Generic Scorecard

Skills Development Generic Scorecard

Property Rental & Eviction | The Landlord's Guide

Property Rental & Eviction | The Landlord's Guide

From our Developers - Tips & CyberAgent Updates

We will be adding a bulk delete of listing pictures in CyberAgent Anywhere. This will allow you to delete all pictures on a listing and then re upload them.

CyberAgent & SAPTG Training/Webinars


Live CyberAgent and SAPTG trainingFind the schedule for May/June 2015 below.

Earn 5 CDP points

Good news for our CyberAgent and SAPTG users, when you attend one of our in-house or webinar training sessions and you complete the test a certificate will be issued which counts for 5 CDP points. Read more 

Times: 10h00 - :11h30

Monday  11.05.15 & 15.06.15
SAPTG: Deeds & Transfer Searches & Virtualization
Tuesday 12.05.15 & 16.06.15
SAPTG: Trans Union - Bulk imports / Credit checks & ID Traces
Wednesday 13.05.15 & 17.06.15
CyberAgent: Beginners - Contact & Agent Manager
Thursday  14.05.15 & 18.06.15
CyberAgent: Beginners - Property & Sales Manager
Friday 15.05.15 & 19.06.15
CyberAgent: Advanced – Filters & Reports

For any enquiries contact Maryna at

Download Training Videos

To view previous webinars, follow the link below. Right click on the video you want to download and select "Save link as" to download the video. Recordings

The following videos are available:

  • Contact and Agent Manager
  • Deeds and Transfers
  • Filters and Reports
  • Property Manager
  • Sales and Canvass Manager
We provide you with a FREE training session in the following areas:
  • Gauteng (Daily)
  • Western Cape (Monthly)

CyberAgent Training - Upcoming Events about our upcoming training events
(including dates and venues)

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From Domains & Emails
Register your .joburg, .capetown, .durban domains today.

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From our Support Desk

Build 1707 is now available. Please make sure that you are using the latest version of CyberAgent.

Q&A; Including how to Rotate, Crop and Select the Pictures order on CyberAgent Anywhere

1) Q&A Apr/May 2015

Responsive Websites

CyberProp - Real Estate Responsive Website

With the shift to mobile; the number of devices, platforms and browsers that need to work with your site grows. Responsive web design is key in a multi device world. Existing CyberAgent customers can now upgrade to fully responsive websites together with the new Facebook App.

By going responsive your website will work on all devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops). You don't have to invest in "mobile application development", which can cost up to 5 times more or ask the site viewer to download/install an application before they can browse your website.

Real Estate Responsive Websites

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