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The downgrading of SA’s investment rating to junk status means that it will cost more for the government to borrow money, which in turn will have a knock-on effect on the consumer according to RE/MAX CEO, Adrian Goslett. It will make it more difficult to obtain credit, and the credit that is granted will come at a higher cost. It will also scare away foreign investment, as the country will be perceived as far too risky. This is certainly not good news for the Real Estate industry.

We at Tivvit Solutions are constantly looking to improve our products and add new features, don't miss CyberAgent and SAPTG Update where we give you a rundown of all the new enhancements and new features for the month.

With all the public holidays in April, we have decided that there will be no Webinar Training Sessions scheduled this month, but should you need any assistance with CyberAgent or SAPTG, please contact our support desk at support@tivvit.com

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New in CyberAgent
CyberAgent updates this month include:

- Company Filter in Contact Manager - NEW
- Filtering when price is POA
- CyberAgent Anywhere error when session expires
- Maximum Rates and Taxes amount
- Bulk Emails Update

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SAPTG Update
In this month's SAPTG update we give you more information about the following:

- Do SAPTG Users pay for reports that were previously drawn?
- Bulk ID Search Tip

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New in CyberAgent
We share some interesting SAPTG stats with you this month:

1. Property Purchase Values by Street (Full Title and Complexes) - Katlehong, Palm Ridge - Read More

2. Property Transfer Overview for March 2017 - 
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Due to the new act, the tracing of id numbers is now very restricted. Due to this, we are unable to obtain id number contact information from TransUnion. We are currently looking for a new TU data provider. Please note that Dracore is still available to do tracing. We will keep you informed of any progress.
FNB Property Barometer – House Price Index – Sep 2016
- Reception Rooms on Property 24
- Property 24 Imports & Coordinates 
- NAS listings on Private Property
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Webinar Dates for April 2017

There will be no webinars in April due to the amount of public holidays. Our next webinar session will be in May and dates will be sent out once confirmed. For any CyberAgent or SAPTG related issues, please contact our support desk at support@tivvit.com.

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