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2016 and if we listen to the experts it is clear that it is not going to be an easy year with predictions of negative house price growth. According to FNB the average house price growth was expected to slow from 6 percent last year to 4.8 percent this year and 3.8 percent next year. This is due to the negative household income growth, South Africa's current poor economic environment, higher interest rates and the impact of the CPI (Consumer price index).

On the other hand it seems that the rental market will be booming in 2016.

'To be successful in real estate, you must always and consistently put your clients' best interests first'. Here at CyberAgent and SAPTG we will be striving in doing just that; putting you the client first. We will be focusing on;

  • Developing more and better support tools
  • Enhancing our existing software
  • Opening more marketing platforms

Until next time!

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CyberAgent & SAPTG News

TransUnion & Dracore

TransUnion & Dracor Affordable credit checks and client information now in 1..2..3 easy steps!

TransUnion & Dracor

CyberAgent Document Management


Give your business the edge with CyberAgent Document Management. Using our document manager you will be able to load all documents pertaining to a sale or new development.

New in SAPTG

What’s new on Gumtree

From our Tivvit Developers

As from the 15th of December 2015 all customers will have 5 property listings advertised on the Gumtree Property portal free of charge. If you would like more information about Gumtree Advertising Packages, please contact

Gumtree can now protect your photos from being used in scam adverts by adding your logo as a watermark..

From our Developers

Feeds & On Show Banners
SMS Function Update

New in SAPTG

EAAB - Update

EAAB - Update
Racism Has No Place In The Property Sector
Continuing Professional Development: An Update

EAAB - Update

IEASA - Multi stakeholder Communication - Important CPD Update

IEASA - Multi stakeholder Communication - Important CPD Update The Institute of Estate Agents of South Africa, in conjunction with REBOSA, were part of the forward thinking initiative by industry to engage with the Estate Agency Affairs Board to assist members to find solutions to the problems they were experiencing with the EAAB.

IEASA - Multi stakeholder Communication - Important CPD Update

CyberAgent & SAPTG Training/Webinars


Live CyberAgent and SAPTG trainingFind the schedule for October 2015 below.

Times: 10h00 - 11h30

Monday 14.03.16
SAPTG: Deeds & Transfer Searches & Virtualization
Tuesday 15.03.16
SAPTG: TransUnion - Bulk imports / Credit checks & ID Traces
Wednesday 16.03.16
CyberAgent: Beginners - Contact & Agent Manager
Thursday 17.03.16
CyberAgent: Beginners - Property & Sales Manager
Friday 18.03.16
CyberAgent: Advanced - Filters & Reports

NEW - SAPTG/CyberAgent Training Videos

The following videos are available:

  • How to assign agent privileges (CAA)
  • How to load an agent (CAA)
  • How to load an agent (CA Desktop)
  • How to load photos (CAA)
  • How to map a property (CAA)
  • How to do a bulk import (SAPTG)
  • How to do an ITC check on a single ID number (SAPTG)
  • How to draw a report (SAPTG)
We provide you with a FREE training session in the following areas:
  • Gauteng (Daily)
  • Western Cape (Monthly)

CyberAgent Training - Upcoming Events about our upcoming training events
(including dates and venues)

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From our Support Desk

Build 1715 is now available. Please make sure that you are using the latest version of CyberAgent.

Follow the link below for the latest Support News and this month's Q&A.

Tivvit Support News and Q&A

Responsive Websites

CyberProp - Real Estate Responsive Website

With the shift to mobile; the number of devices, platforms and browsers that need to work with your site grows.

By going responsive your website will work on all devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops).

Real Estate Responsive Websites

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