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Data Feeds Update

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CyberAgent Export Interface

We have an export interface where you log in with admin user and password and check listing status per listing. (accessible from Anywhere interface under Quick links-> Data Exports)

This interface was made to better manage the uploads to PP and P24. Here you can see the status of the listing, the last update issue and also get the PP/P24 ref numbers. You can also do a PP upload from there.

Private Property SMS Notifications

Q: Yesterday evening we received an email inquiry from Private Property but no SMS notification?
A: We do not control Private Property SMS notifications. The only advice we can offer is to check that the agent's mobile number is loaded correctly in the Agent Manager. Please note that to change any Agency/Branch information, you need to contact Private Property directly.

Private Property and "for sale" listings changed to rentals

We only keep the last Private Property reference number. Private Property creates 2 separate listings (4 sale and 2 rent). If a listing type has changed, we first deactivate the listing before sending the listing with the changed listing type. This unfortunately leads to old listings still active on Private Property. Private Property will remove the listing if asked by client via email.

Developments & P24

P24 does not allow developments to be uploaded via the property feed. Only individual listings loaded in the Property Manager can be uploaded.

PrivySeal & P24

P24 does a check on the PrivySeal link. They use the agent name and surname to verify the link. If the link is valid the image is shown under the agent info.

E.g. if the agent has registered with PrivySeal with the full name of Johannes Matrinus Jakobs, then that is the agent name that must be captured in CyberAgent. If the name captured on CyberAgent is Hannes Jakobs then the PrivySeal link cannot be verified and is not displayed on P24.