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In April 2017, the FNB House Price Index showed some further acceleration in year-on-year growth compared with the March rate, after having gone through a “dip” late in 2016.

This remains in line with recent signals of renewed strengthening in the economy. The key risk, however, remains how recent policy developments, including a major cabinet reshuffle and subsequent ratings downgrades, play out on sentiment within the Household Sector and thus the housing market - Read more in Aprils' FNB Property Barometer Report

In SAPTG STATS we provide more information about property tranfers in South Africa between 2017-04-01 to 2017-04-30.

We also have another week of Webinars coming up where we will show you the ins and outs of CyberAgent and SAPTG. For more dates and booking information see our Training/Webinars Section.

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New in CyberAgent
CyberAgent & Mandate Dates

Mandate dates are captured by the Agency. We do not put mandate start and expiry dates automatically. These dates can also be left blank.

When feeding to other portals and the portal requires the mandate dates, we use the current date for Mandate Start Date and Mandate end is advanced a year from that date.

PP and P24 track the date the listing was first uploaded and has nothing to do with Mandate dates. PP sends out an email when listings have been on their system for longer than 60 days. If you listings are current and active, then the email can be ignored. If a listing has been sold or withdrawn then it will have to be removed from our system so it can be removed from the portals.

New in CyberAgent
We share some interesting SAPTG stats with you this month:

1. Property Purchase Values by Street (Full Title and Complexes) - Katlehong - Read More

2. SAPTG South African Property Transfer Stats for 2017-04-01 to 2017-04-30 - Read More

Bulk Tracing of contacts can only be done for the branch. Each imported contact is assigned to the branch and not to individual agents.This means that imported contacts can be seen by all agents. If different branches run under one Branch ID, then these contacts are shared by all. If you have a branch and want to keep the contacts in your branch, then a separate branch ID login for SAPTG is needed.
FNB Property Barometer – House Price Index – Sep 2016
Private Property & Images

PP has increased the amount of allowed images per listing. Previously this was capped at 24 but has now been increased to 30 images per listing.

We do not limit the amount of pictures loaded in CyberAgent, but when feeding through to PP, only the first 30 images will be displayed on their site.


Webinar Dates for May 2017

Please note we have changed our webinar broadcasting platform, you do not have to register anymore, just follow the link supplied below to logon to the webinar.

Monday 8.05.17

SAPTG: Deeds & Transfer Searches & Virtualization

Tuesday 9.05.17

SAPTG: TransUnion - Bulk imports / Credit checks & ID Traces

Wednesday 10.05.17

CyberAgent: Beginners - Contact & Agent Manager

Thursday 11.05.17

CyberAgent: Beginners - Property & Sales Manager

Friday 12.05.17

CyberAgent: Advanced - Filters & Reports

For any CyberAgent or SAPTG related issues, please contact our support desk at support@tivvit.com.

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