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Newsletter - October 2011
Word from the editor

Dear CyberAgent user,

They say that the Grand Old Dame was never plain, she was graceful and that she will always be someone's sweetheart.

A recent Economist Intelligence Unit survey of CEOs and other senior executives revealed that advances in technology are seen as the single most important driver of change in the business environment. The Economist Intelligence Unit conducted a global survey of 127 senior executives drawn from a cross-section of industries. The findings show that while companies are enthusiastic about the power of technology, executives also harbour fears and uncertainties over how emerging technologies will impact on their business. Their ambivalence is justified: emerging technology poses risks as well as opportunities and, as this research shows, many companies lack the processes needed effectively to respond to changes in the technology landscape (Sponsored by Dimension Data and Oracle)

Over the last two weeks of October we've responded on the call for changes by replacing four servers (computing) and also by adding an additional one.

MonaLisa, the Grand Old Dame of CyberAgent, was brought home after 11 years and after serving thousands of real estate agencies, ten thousands of real estate agents and millions of Internet browsers. She will always stay our sweetheart.

We want to thank all our CyberAgent users for the patience that they've showed and the support they've given us in this period. We trust that you will all reap the benefits.

CyberAgent is on the "move"! We will be sharing more about this in our next newsletter

Until next month!
The editor

How to Update your CyberAgent Lite (CAL - Desktop) SOFTWARE Application

- Open CyberAgent

- Open the "Update Website" icon (3rd last from the right)

- Click on the "Update Software" button

- Click on the "Download File" button

- This action will now "Download" the CyberAgent "Updated Version"

- Click "Yes" when asked to make a "Back-up"

- Simply follow the onscreen instruction

- Once the file has been download the system will give you 2 onscreen message (as follow)


- Click "OK" on both these message and close CyberAgent.

- Open CyberAgent. This will continue with the "Upgrade"

- Follow the onscreen instructions and login when asked.

- Once this is all done, your system will be on the latest CyberAgent Version


Property score feedback

Q: Hi, I just wanted to find out if commercial property’s ranking works the same or if it’s different to residential properties? If it is different, how can commercial listings score points? Thanks.

A: Commercial property works the same with the exception of bedrooms and bathrooms. You will get 50 point for this as it cannot be a factor in the scoring

Do not hesitate to send us your questions regarding the new scoring system. These questions can be mailed to

Property View Stats

The last few weeks we moved all websites and services to a new hosting environment. Not only do we now have 5 servers but 10 times more processing power. This means that websites and web services like CyberAgent Anywhere is running much faster. This was a mammoth task and required personal to work deep into the night and weekends to ensure all websites and services were correctly configured and working as they should be. We like to apologise to all customer who had problems in this time and thank them for their patients and understanding during this time.

Like in any war there are always some “causalities of war”. In the moving process, the history of property views were lost and only started recording on the second of November. This is the only problem according to us.

We have done all possible checks to ensure your websites are up and running as they should be. We do recommend that you do look at your websites and ensure all is fine. Please report any problems to


CyberAgent Programme Enhancements

Watermark on images

You can now add a watermark image over your pictures, for example, a company logo

This is currently only available in the desktop version, but will be available in CyberAgent Anywhere in due course

To add a watermark, click on the pictures button in the Property Manager, and then click on “Add Watermark” (in red text) near the bottom right of the form

Firstly, you will need to select the watermark picture (“Select Watermark”) – this will need to be smaller than the property picture to work

Then select the vertical alignment, horizontal alignment and transparency (how see-through the watermark will be)

You can then select if the watermark will be applied to the first picture only, or all pictures for the property

“Not against edge” will leave a small gap between the edge of the picture and where the watermark will show on the image

As you change settings, the preview will show you how the end result will be when you click on “Apply Watermark”

NB: Watermarks cannot be undone, so be sure that the watermark is correct before clicking on “Apply Watermark”, or you will have to reload the pictures

It is also HIGHLY recommended that you set watermarks before putting Sold Text on the images, or if you restore an original picture with Sold Text, the watermark will be lost

Export to excel

The export to excel for the quick print has been dramatically improved for readability and sorting. This does not affect the full page printouts as Excel has difficulty in spacing other than to add in extra rows and columns


From our Support Desk

Build 3.10.1608 is now available. Please make sure that you are using the latest version of CyberAgent.

IOL Properties:

Q: I cannot find my properties on IOL Property

A: In answer we received the following from IOL Property;

Please see below the registration process that the agents must follow. There they will be able to see why the property is not displayed. If it is older than a year it will automatically drop off the site. They can then just make the property active again on our site which is live.

Have you registered on the IOL website yet? This will enable you to see all your listings and edit them too. All the leads sent by us via the site will also reflect there. Please click on the link below to register. If you have already registered and forgot your password, please use the 'forgot password' option under the login screen.

You can read more about the new enhancements on our site by clicking on the link below. Just make sure that you register with the e-mail address linked to the ad.


For those of you that are importing to Property24 via CyberAgent and who is experiencing location errors herewith feedback from Property24;

We have a process in place to verify every location and update where appropriate. We review all requests once a week and usually update locations every Friday. Please ask the offices to kindly email with the requests so that tickets are logged with our Customer Service Centre in order for us to track the progress of every request. - THEO MSEKA Product Manager

Q&A Section

Q: I am having problems with pictures on the website, they appear as a placeholder with a ‘red X’ in it. What seems to be the problem?

A: This means that the picture loaded onto your properties haven’t synchronized correctly with the placeholder on the website, to fix this on the update website screen there is a button labelled ‘sync all pictures’. If you click that button it manually updates just your pictures to the placeholders where they should be on the website. Before you do this however please make sure that you are on build no 3.100.1603.

To update your software to 3.100.1603, also go to the website update screen, There you will find a button labeled ‘update software’. When you click that button another box opens. On that box, click ‘get latest build number’ and then wait for the application build number to be filled in. Once that is done click ‘download file’.

The system will then ask you if you would like to backup your data, if you would like to please speak to a support consultant who will give you the steps to do this. It will then download the file. On completion it will ask you to please make sure that you are the only person on CyberAgent Please make sure that you are. Then it will ask you to close CyberAgent. When you open CyberAgent again the update will begin. You should then be on the latest build number, if you are not please call our support desk who can then help you get onto the latest build number.

Should you experience any problems or have any questions, please contact our support desk on 011 955 9100 or email
From our Webmaster

SEO Myths - Things you "know" which aren't so

I have to submit my site to a search engine for it to get listed.

FACT: Submission is unnecessary. A search engine will always find your site as long as some other site links to it. I never submit my sites to the search engines.

I have to periodically re-submit my site to the search engines.

FACT: Resubmission is unnecessary. Once a site is in a search engine, it's in for good (unless it resorts to trickery and gets banned). There is zero reason to keep submitting a site to a search engine. Resubmission is a waste of time. Anyone selling a resubmission service is a con artist.

Having Keywords will help my rankings.

FACT: Keywords don't affect your rankings. The search engines ignore META keyword ranking purposes, for an obvious reason: Taking the webmasters' word for what their site should rank well for would be a pretty stupid way for the engines to rank pages.

It's a good idea to make my keywords invisible, such as by having white letters on a white background.

FACT: The engines are not stupid. But stupid tricks like invisible text can get your site penalized by some engines. Focusing on tricks is a waste of time.

Trading links with any site which will link to mine is a good idea.

FACT: Trading links with anyone is silly. If you have standards in real life (and you should), then you should have standards on the web, too. Don't associate with useless websites. Choose your friends carefully.

Sites that use JavaScript get penalized.

FACT: Search engines aren't stupid. They're not going to penalize a site for using standard technology. If your links exist only in JavaScript (e.g., <a href="#" onclick="window.location='index2.html'; return false">) then the engines can't follow those links, but that's not a penalty, that's poor development on your part. Having JavaScript links is no problem as long as you also have standard links (e.g., <a href="index2.html">) somewhere on the page.

I should try to rank well for a single-word term instead of the 2- to 3-word phrases that searchers actually use and that I actually have a hope of ranking well for.

FACT: Trying to rank well for a single-word query is missing the point. First of all, you can't rank well for just a single word. There are too many billion other websites out there to compete with. Second, people actually search for multi-word phrases, because such phrases give them more relevant results. If you want to rank well for a single word then you need to step back and think about what people actually search for and what it is your site actually offers.

Any time my rankings go up or down, I should assume that it's the result of some change I made. Even better, if my rankings drop I should assume that someone at Google manually looked at my site and penalized it.

FACT: It's nearly impossible to discern cause and effect in the search engines. Webmasters new to search rankings are usually quick to ascribe a change in position to some recent change on their site. Maybe that's accurate, but maybe it's not -- and I'm tempted to say that it's probably not. A change in position could be the result of a completely different change you made to your site three months ago that you forgot about. Or it could be the result of changes competitors made to their sites. Or it could be that the engines changed their algorithm and the changes on your site had nothing to do with it. In the end, it's nearly impossible to correlate changes on your site with changes to your ranking. So what's the strategy here? Simple: Don't worry about it. Focus on creating the best site you can: the general things, not the specific ones.

It's tempting to think that a change in your rankings was the result of some change you made, but it's just as likely to be coincidence. It could be the result of an algorithm change or competing sites doing things that caused them to rank better. Google doesn't have the resources or the inclination to police the billions and billions of pages on the Internet. Humans at the search engine are not personally monitoring your website; your website is not that important.

Any time my rankings change, or even disappear from the results, I should consider that change permanent.

FACT: Rankings are fleeting. There is no such thing as ever achieving a permanent ranking in Google or any other engine. The engines constantly modify their ranking algorithms (and keep them secret to boot), and every day new pages appear on the web, some of which will by vying for your spot in the SERPs. Think of every search you do in an engine as a snapshot of that moment in time. Just because you're on the first page doesn't mean you'll stay there. And just because you drop from the first page and disappear from the top 100 doesn't mean that you're lost forever, either. Also realize that there is no real way to tell when a change happens how long that change will last. You might drop out of the top 100 for a couple of days or weeks, or it may be many months. The point is that there's no way to tell. Consider the SERPs 100% fleeting.

It's not uncommon in Google for a new site to be ranked amazingly well at first, and then to drop several hundred results down, or completely out of the database entirely, and then reappear. It's also typical for sites to bounce up and down through the rankings before stabilizing near a certain position. But even "stabilizing" is fleeting, because no ranking lasts forever, since the engines are in a constant state of flux. This is just the nature of the engines, and there's nothing that we can do about it.

The important thing to take from this is to accept that rankings change, you will rarely know why, and you shouldn't panic if your ranking drops or even if it disappears.

All visitors start at the front page of my site.

FACT: The search engines evaluate each page on your site individually, on its merits. That means that your inside pages could rank as well or better than your front page. This isn't a bad thing, it's a good thing. Most webmasters concentrate on getting a lot of visitors to their home page from a few "money" search terms. But you can easily get more traffic to your site overall by getting a few visits to each of your inside pages from less common searches. Yesterday the most popular way people found my personal site was by searching the engines for "austin radio stations". A total of 22 people did that. But 939 people found my site through the search engines total, on any term. The #1 search into my site still accounts for only 2.3% of my traffic from the engines.

All this means that you must think of every page on your site as a possible entryway, and make sure it's able to stand alone. If a page makes sense only if a visitor got there from somewhere else inside the site, that page should be modified. If you're selling something, try to make it easy for a visitor to buy something from every page. If your site carries a few "flagship" products or articles, make sure those are promoted on every page.

The sites with the highest "PageRank" will always rank higher in the SERPs.

FACT: PageRank is just one criterion Google uses in figuring out how to rank pages. A site with a lower PageRank will show up higher in the SERPs if Google thinks it's more relevant than one with a lower PageRank.

I should consider another site's PageRank when deciding whether to link to them or whether to ask for a link.

FACT: And how would that serve your visitors? Link to another site if you think it's of value to your visitors. Ask for a link if you think your site is of value to the other site's visitors. Don't focus on PageRank. Focus on building a good site.

Knowledge Factory & SAPTG Are Moving

Website Marketing

Click Here for printable .pdf file

Monthly Stats - October 2011

We were regretfully unable to generate website statistics for October due to the moving of our servers. Client stats were also affected to this will not be available, however this all will be back in action as from the end of this month.


CyberAgent Training and Info Sessions

We provide you with FREE training session in the following areas;

  • Gauteng (Daily)
  • Western Cape (Monthly)
  • Kwazulu Natal (Quarterly)
  • Garden Route (Quarterly)
  • Eastern Cape (Twice yearly)
  • Free State (Twice yearly)
  • Mpumalanga (Twice yearly)

During these training sessions more information will also be provided on:

  • CyberAgent Anywhere (online module)
  • CMA SAPTG (online module)
  • New developments in CyberAgent
  • The Ad Generator in CyberAgent
  • General questions on CyberAgent Desktop and Anywhere

The training in George went smoothly and the concepts covered were received with enthusiasm. The general level of CyberAgent knowledge is definitely at a high level and queries were are resolved quickly. If you still don’t know what extras are available in your CyberAgent application make sure that you attend a Free training session at our offices or contact support for more information -

Gauteng Training Sessions

Date: Tuesdays to Thursdays Weekly
09h30 to 11h30 - Beginners
13h30 to 15h30 - Advanced
Cost: FREE!
Venue: 22 Ackerman Street, Witpoortjie, Roodepoort, 1724


Tel: (011) 955-9100

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Kwazulu Natal
Western Cape
Kwazulu Natal Training Sessions

Dates: Quarterly - Next dates to be announced
09h00 to 11h00 - CAA & Sales
11h15 to 13h15 – CA Desktop Beginners
13h30 to 15h30 – CA Desktop Advanced

Cost: FREE!
Venue: Real IT, 37 Zennith Drive, Shop 004 The CUBE (In Spring Grove), Umhlanga, New Town - Near: Porsche Car dealership


Kirk Dee
Cell 082 567 1303

Contact us to book your CyberAgent training session today

Western Cape Training Sessions

Dates: 8th and 22nd of November 2011
09h00 to 11h00 - CA Desktop Beginners
11h00 to 14h00 – CA Desktop Beginners
14h00 to 16h00 - CAA

Cost: FREE!
Venue: 65 Balfour Street, Parow, Cape Town


4th and 18th of November respectively

Chris Niemandt
Cell 082 432 6963

Contact us to book your CyberAgent training session today


A warm welcome to all new Agencies October 2011:

We trust that by now you are well aware of what CyberAgent can do for you. If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at or phone us at: +27 (0)11 955-9100 or 086 112- 9237


The Property Trainer – Jill Corfield


Having recently served on a Durban Disciplinary Committee for two days, it is heartening to see that the Board is “taking no prisoners” when it comes to agents flagrantly operating without a valid F.F.C. and secondly receiving commissions without being in possession of such a licence.

I know some of you will find this hard to believe in light of all the terrific publicity the Board has been getting lately but the Claims and the Disciplinary Committees are run very diligently and very efficiently.

My message to all Agents:

Ensure that you are in possession of your 2011 licence. Irrespective of whether or not you believe the EAAB is tardy in issuing it, the Law requires you to have one! Especially now when 2012 licences are coming for renewal. Have you tried the electronic method on the Web Site?

In addition, if you change companies, make sure you let the Board know within 14 days of leaving Company A that you wish to change your licence to Company B [remember to include a letter from Company B confirming this together with your F.F.C. – either original or a Photostat if Company A insists on returning the original]

My message to Principals:

The Act says you must have your books audited within four months of your Financial Year End – it does not say that it is simply sufficient to give your books to an Auditor and assume that the Audit has been done.

It is your responsibility to check and follow up to see that the EAAB has firstly received the Audit and that it is a clean one as opposed to a “qualified” one.

Otherwise, no licences will be issued going forward for you, the company and the agents until such time as the matter has been resolved.

Many stories come before the Disciplinary Committees concerning this particular issue.

S.A.’s No One
Real Estate Trainer
083 324 3434



Consumer Protection Act (CPA) – section 14 Estate Agency Affairs Board Workshop

The Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) mindful of its obligation to act transparently and to liaise with all its stakeholders regarding matters of consequence to them as agreed, at the suggestion of South African property Association of South Africa (SAPOA), to convene a workshop for the purpose of considering certain aspects of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) as they affect in particular, the position of commercial/industrial brokers, landlords and tenants...


The Estate Agency Affairs Board, represented by A. B. Scarrott Attorneys, has instituted an application in the Western Cape High Court, Cape Town, against Gavin Wright Property Team CC and Mr Gavin Elison Wright.

The application claims the following relief on an urgent basis...

IEASA National - IEASA Code of Ethical Obligations

The prestige of any professional body depends to a great extent on the ethical standards observed by its individual members, both in their association with one another and in their relationship with the community in general.

The Institute of Estate Agents of South Africa encourages the highest standards in real estate practice. Its unceasing aim is that its members as a profession and that its members be respected and trusted by all...

WCIEA - New online FFC application system

Friday 23rd September saw the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) enter a new era. On that date they initiated testing of a new service which will enable estate agents throughout South Africa to apply online for their Fidelity Fund Certificates – without which they cannot function legally in SA’s property market. A pilot group of ±100 agents who are members of IEASA were selected to make the first applications using the new system and they will report back to the EAAB on their successes and failures...

Property Junction

We have arranged a special introductory deal
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PA Media has joined forces with Avusa, one of SA's leading Media companies (Sunday Times, Nu Metro, Exclusive Books) to create a market place called This new market place allows online users to look for property, cars and jobs in one simple, user-friendly place.

CareerJunction, SA's biggest job site (1.8 million registered CareerSeekers and an average of 600,000 users a month) will be used as the catalyst to introduce the PropertyJunction brand and your properties to an unprecedented number of consumers in South Africa through web, print and mobile media.

Why pay more?
We are a Performance Based Lead Generating service. You only pay for what you get, nothing more.
The no. of leads charged for are capped.
Leads are charged at market value rates.
Unique leads are valid for 6 months.
We make it easy.
We have already linked up to the CyberAgent listing management system so no extra effort is required to send your listings to
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All leads generated from your listings comprise of registered buyers, ranked according to quality. This allows you to prioritize your leads.
Can Buyers afford the property?
By using our Affordability Calculator buyers can search based on their affordability and tell you what they can afford in the lead.
Is the Buyer also selling or letting a property?
Now Buyers can tell you in the lead you receive.

To have your properties listed via the Cyberagent software contact us at or give us a call now on +27 21 818 8607.

The PropertyJunction Team
Better homes. More often.

Huizemark lauded

The prestige of any professional body depends to a great extent on the ethical standards observed by its individual members, both in their association with one another and in their relationship with the community in general.

The Institute of Estate Agents of South Africa encourages the highest standards in real estate practice. Its unceasing aim is that its members as a profession and that its members be respected and trusted by all...

Quotation of the month

Who aims at excellence will be above mediocrity; who aims at mediocrity will be far short of it. - Burmese Saying