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Newsletter - 05 Jul 2006
Word from the editor

Dear CyberAgent users,

Remember April and it "only takes one enquiry"? Remember May and how we looked at what to do when that one enquiry hits? My question to you, what now? Easy…. This month we will show you how to maximize your time to get those sales.

Each year, The Computerworld Honors Program seeks to recognize organizations, from a variety of sectors, for their ongoing efforts to utilize technology in order to benefit society,” said Bob Carrigan, chairman of the Computerworld Honors Chairmen’s Committee and president, IDG Communications this year with the award ceremony that was held in Washington DC. “We are proud to provide a platform to publicly acknowledge these contributions.”

Founded by International Data Group (IDG) in 1988, the Computerworld Honors Program is governed by the not-for-profit Computerworld Information Technology Awards Foundation. In its 18th year, Computerworld Honors is the longest running global program to honor individuals and organizations that use information technology to benefit society.

We were recognized for our cutting-edge technology, our CyberAgent Mobile application in the category Finance/Insurance/Real Estate and were represented by our Managing Director, Willie van Schalkwyk and Director op Operations, Pat Jewell.

We are indeed proud to have been part of such a prestigious event!

The editor

What’s new?

Update Manager

It is now possible to backup all your property, contacts (buyers & sellers) and agent data to our server. We have added this functionality for two reasons:

1. Backup. In the case of a hardware crash or a break-in, we can restore this data.
2. CyberAgent Mobile and master administration access. Master administration access should only be used by someone like the principal and will be able to edit data of any agent within the agency. These changes will be synchronized back to the office. Please contact support regarding the monthly cost hereof.

Agent/Client Viewing

An Advanced Search Criteria button has been added to the main screen.

This button will activate a more advanced search screen and is not recommended for touch screen mode.

It incorporates all the search criteria of the Touch Screen search as well as a number of additional fields like Agent, Street, Internet Property number and more. To view the results, click on the Print button at the bottom of the screen. This button activates the View / Print Selection button of the main form but does not force you to return to the main form in order to view and print the results.

The View / Print Selection form has also changed. You can now double click on any picture that will open a form containing enlarged pictures of the current property.

A new Advanced Print button on the View / Print Selection form will open a form containing 12 buttons. These buttons can all run customized reports. Normally a CyberAgent support person will create these custom reports and email them to you.

How To Maximize Your Time To Maximize Sales

Developing a daily plan for your daily activity is an absolute must in order for you to perform at significantly high levels of sales performance. There is very little doubt that the ability to maximize your time and what you accomplish daily is essential to your consistent sales performance.

Let's take a look at 12 specific tips, ideas or strategies that, if applied correctly, could make a big difference in your sales results:

  • Avoid scheduling too many appointments or other activities daily so you can invest more quality time with qualified prospects.
  • Handle all prospect or customer inquiries or requests immediately, efficiently and expeditiously. Don't "put them off until later." Do it when their requests or questions are fresh on your mind.
  • Prepare your daily to-do list in the previous afternoon or evening daily for the next day's activities.
  • Carry an easily accessible list of your top 10-15 prospects so that you can maximize bits of unused time to contact them.
  • Take time to relax, plan, schedule, visualize your success and organize yourself. Don't always be in a hurry!
  • Do your best to sell only by appointment. That will allow you to maximize time with quality prospects, plan your presentation and utilize non-selling time in a more productive, positive way.
  • Set aside time daily to prospect for new business, promote your product or service and position you, your organization and your solutions.
  • Work daily to establish a group of customers who will serve as advocates and zealots for you and your offerings.
  • Organize your day so that you are able to group related activities together and be in a position to avoid flurries of unrelated, disjointed activities.
  • Do your best to ensure that you invest your time only with truly qualified prospects instead of only moderately interested suspects.
  • Constantly keep your sales goals and objectives in front of you so that you are absolutely, 100% sure that you are maximizing your time and activity daily.
  • Maximize your time with some form of automated prospecting, tracking and contact management system. Bring your sales effort into the 21st century!
    Invest some time daily into the ongoing improvement of your sales skills, product knowledge, personal growth and professional development.
Keep me Informed

Visitors to your website may not allways find what they're looking for, but they usually would like to somehow enter their search criteria (ie: looking for a 2 bedroom flat in Centurion for under R3,500 per month). They're expecting to hear from you as soon as something like this becomes available.

The "Keep Me Informed" service will SMS and email the site visitor as soon as you load a new property onto your website that match their search criteria!

This is all automated and it's available to you RIGHT NOW! Simply request this service to be activated on your website. Contact us at or phone us on 086-11-CYBER.

To see an example of this in action, visit and click on Tools > Your Profile.

CyberAgent Mobile Training and Info Sessions

Joins us at our next CyberAgent Mobile Info and Training sessions for Gauteng.

Agents interested in CyberAgent Mobile for the PC, will have the opportunity to learn more of this exciting new product.

Info Session: Training Session:

Date: 19 July 2006
Time: 10h00 - 11h00
Cost: FREE!
Venue: 22 Ackerman Street, Witpoortjie, Roodepoort, 1724


10 April 2006

Karen at:
011 955-9100

Date: 20 April 2006
Time: 11h00 - 12h30
Cost: FREE!
Venue: 22 Ackerman Street, Witpoortjie, Roodepoort, 1724


10 April 2006

Karen at:
011 955-9100

For more information on training please email

CyberAgent & Ananzi

Nearly 15 000 properties listed and growing!

If you are not yet advertising on on South Africa's biggest and most popular search engine with over 10 million page impressions monthly it is time to register now!

To read more simply click on the following link:


A warm welcome to all new Agencies:

We trust that by now you are well aware of what CyberAgent can do for you. If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Fanie at or phone us at: +27 (0)11 955-9100 or 086 112- 9237

Most Internet enquiries:


Realty Executives JHB South 289
Proplist - Head Office - Repo List CC 170
The Rental Giant 164
Wendy Machanik Properties 145
U 76
Firzt Realty Company - Deez Realtors cc 75
Chas Everitt Southern Suburbs 63
Genesis Projects 57
House Shoppe Krugersdorp 51 49
Angor Financial Services 42
Framework Realty 39
Proprop - Hyper By The Sea 39
Proprop - Chatsworth 39
Realty Exact (Glen Marais) 36
Basil Real Estate - Campbell Baxter Properties (PT 34
Explore Properties (Marelle Trust) 34
Kayaramina Properties CC 32
Stockton Property Consultants 30

Sunday times

Company Requests
Realty Executives JHB South 100
Impact Estates 62
Proplist - Head Office - Repo List CC 51
The Rental Giant 49
U 43
Inpa Properties 39
House Shoppe Krugersdorp 30
Wendy Machanik Properties 28
Kayaramina Properties CC 24
Greeff Estates Nationlink 20
Do you wish to list your properties on SAhometraders?

USP Designs and SAhometraders are busy forming a working relationship to bring to our users not only another media to advertise their properties and to get maximum exposure but also a way to reduce that working pressure and cost.

USP Designs and SAhometraders users now no longer have to capture their properties twice. With the push of one button properties will automatically be uploaded to and the affiliated websites as well as Sahometraders.

Furthermore we have managed a reduction monthly fee for all our CyberAgent users. For R250.00 per month excluding VAT you can now advertise your properties on this property portal. SAhometraders has been in the market for many years and currently receives more than one million page impressions.

Should you be interested click here or phone Karen at 011 955 9100


No more waiting for statements

No more waiting for statements and invoices. By logging on with your username and password you can now get it online at:

3D visualizations

Here at CyberAgent we are always on the lookout for the best deal for our users that will assist them to advertise and sell their properties.

Virtualscape Visualizations specialise in architectural visualisations and the generating of promotional material that sells property.

They offer a one-stop service – from 3D visualizations to the design and implementing of marketing and promotional material, VSV is there to assist you in selling your development or property.

Click here for more information

Global Real Estate Sectors Show Negative Growth

Worldwide, only two stock exchanges´ real estate sectors showed positive growth in May 2006 compared to April 2006.

The property sector on the Philippines Stock Exchange and the GPR´s real estate index on Euronext Amsterdam showed 7.9% and 0.5% positive growth respectively for May 2006.

Sixteen other Stock Exchanges’ real estate sectors fell into negative growth territory for May 2006, according to´s Worldwide Stock Exchanges - Real Estate Sectors´ Performance benchmark analysis.
The worst performer was Singapore´s real estate sector recording a 12.13% loss for May 2006 followed closely by Tokyo Stock Exchange´s real estate sector, which fell 12.11%.

Other large falls in real estate sectors occurred in Italy -9.38%, Hong Kong -8.63%, Sweden -8.37%, Indonesia -6.31%, Malaysia - 4.64%, United Kingdom -3.30% and the United States -3.02%.

Smaller falls in the real estate sectors of other countries´ stock exchanges during May 2006 include: Australia, Austria, Canada, Norway, South Africa, Spain and Switzerland.

"Although stock markets worldwide suffered a painful correction during May 2006 their real estate sectors remain fundamentally sound, as before, however general nervous selling affected these real estate sectors´ performances as well during May," said

Quotation of the month

"Time is but the shadow of the world upon the background of Eternity. "
-- Jerome K. Jerome: (1859-1927) English author