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Newsletter - April 2012
Word from the editor

Dear CyberAgent user,

So much has happened in the first months of 2012. The most exciting of which being the acquisition of USP Designs shares by Kagiso Media (Knowledge Factory). As you know Kagiso Media is the largest BEE media group in the country and one of the top performing media agents on the stock exchange. This move has opened numerous doors for CyberProp and CyberAgent.

As a valued client of ours we want you to be aware of the changes but also of the immense opportunity there is for your agency in this development. We now have the facilities of the entire Kagiso organisation at our disposal, many of which have been incorporated into this new development.

We have added valuable property information from the likes of Knowledge Factory and have a national advertising campaign awaiting with some of the groups media stations like, Jacaranda, East Coast radio, Kaya Fm etc.

This we believe will add great value to you and extend your reach. We are not only going to have the most advanced and innovative property portal but will also be able to generate huge amounts of traffic to the site through above the line advertising and interaction with the public.

Our goal is to make finding property as easy as possible for potential buyers. Our vision is to generate well qualified leads for our estate agencies.

We look forward to an exciting few months ahead. We value and respect our relationship with you and your agency and hope that together we will make 2012 a record breaking year.

Until next month!
The editor

April Property Clock

Knowledge Factory's Property Clock, is a graphic representation of the South African residential real-estate market. Various datasets including interest rates, supply/demand cycles, finance availability, construction and rentals are analyzed. Adjusted monthly, this high-level overview tracks trends in this important sector of the South African economy.

APRIL 2012: Knowledge Factory's,SA Property Transfer Guide has kept its Property Clock unchanged this month. The Clock measures high-level national trends in the residential real-estate market. It retreated by five minutes in 2011 and has moved forward by one minute in March 2012...

Property Stats

The property stats stay a winner and we have more and more agencies striving to get that 100%!

We now have 21 agencies with a score higher than 90%. Well done!

Why Property Scoring

It is important to list your properties as comprehensive as possible for a number of reasons, some of the most prominent reasons are:

  • To get better and more website responses
  • To do better on search engines
  • To provide a professional service to your customers

In order to assist you we have implemented a property scoring system based on the quality of your listings. It is also important for us to make sure that buyers visiting our main sites (, are presented with quality for sale and to rent listings.

Scoring of listings happens every time you would do an update website. This means that scoring will continuously change and feedback on your listings will be available at the same time as the update request is processed. An email will be sent once a week to every administrator/principal to inform them of their score and position.

We will soon be implementing a minimum score per property listing. Property listings with a score less than the minimum score will not be displayed on our main sites. These listings will also not qualify for export to other websites.

How we score a Property Listing:

  • Pictures - Maximum points: 100. (10 Points per picture with a maximum of 10)
  • Property Heading (one liners) - Maximum points: 50
  • Notes - Maximum points: 100
    (Less than 20 words, 10 points. Less than 50 words, 35 points. Less than 100 words, 50 points. Less than 150 words, 75 points. More than 150 words, 100 points.)
  • Vicinity and schools - Maximum points: 20
  • Bedrooms and bathrooms - Maximum points: 50
  • Bonus points - Maximum points: 30 (Including the Suburb and City of the property within notes, vicinity or schools will earn you bonus points.)
  • Total points: 350


From our developers

P24 Export

Previously – it was mot possible to upload per day rentals to P24. This is now possible in the new version of the export. Currently it will show as POA on the P24 portal.

We do not feed the addresses out as we have had incidents in the past where the addresses were leaked on some portals, which is obviously a very bad thing.

However – due to the high demand, this is now exported to P24 as well. The reason that this will be useful is that the agents that get the enquiries will immediately know which properties are being enquired about without having to look up the reference numbers.

Sales Per agent

There was a query by a new client to report on which sales an agent was involved in. The best would be to use the pay slip per agent.

This will give you the sales for the agent for the time period you specify (you can then also specify only closed sales or all sales).

From our Support Desk

Build 3.100.1629 is now available. Please make sure that you are using the latest version of CyberAgent.

Q&A Section

Q: Can I have more then one Computer in the office running Cyberagent?

A: Yes you can, the one thing you just need to make sure of is that you are connected to the offices local area network. If you are then the rest isn’t a problem, please just make sure you are connected to the network.

Q: Our owner price and/or selling price isn’t calculating correctly, what is causing this?

A: Next to your commission percentage is a button, when you click on that it opens up your commission setup. Please don’t work in this area without assistance, if you would like to change anything in this setup then please contact support. The formulas can be quite complex.

Should you experience any problems or have any questions, please contact our support desk on 011 955 9100 or email
From our Webmaster

5 Tips for Effective Social Media Strategy

Social media was once an “experimental communication tool used by a few forward-thinking firms” in our industry. Now, on nearly every financial firm’s website you’ll find a trio of little blue boxes somewhere near the bottom. Corporate Insight, a research firm that provides competitive intelligence to financial institutions, released on Thursday a report spotlighting how financial firms have taken that growth and turned it into effective social media strategies...

From our Domains and email desk

Choosing a Real Estate Domain Name

If you don’t already have a real estate website, one of the first things you’ll have to do in order to build a top-ranking site is choose a domain name. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, when it comes down to it, choosing the right domain name for a website may be a bit more difficult than you might first expect...

SA Property Transfer Guide

Key Changes:

As you have read SA Property Guide and USP Designs have combined services under the Knowledge Factory (Kagiso Media) brand to offer their clients a comprehensive Estate Agency and Agent solution. The merger has now taken place and SA Property Guide has moved office to USP Designs and will also operate as USP Designs (PTY) Ltd. until further notice.

There are many new services and areas of expertise we will be able to provide our users in the future.

Please take note of the following;

  • Our current fee structure will not change
  • The services we have provided in the past will continue
  • Future invoicing will be done from USP Designs
  • Support will be done from USP Designs

We are confident that our new affiliation will server us all well.

Data issues:

With our training sessions it came to our attention that there are still agencies/agents who are experiencing data problems for example, properties that are in CyberAgent cannot be found on SA Property Transfer Guide.

New, collated, cleaned and organized data will be available later this month

SA Property Guide requested that ALL data queries be mailed to . Please we need your assistance regarding this matter.

Contact details:

Data issues:
Or you can phone us on 086 112 9237


Website Marketing

Click Here for printable .pdf file

CyberAgent Training and Info Sessions

We provide you with FREE training session in the following areas;

  • Gauteng (Daily)
  • Western Cape (Monthly)
  • Kwazulu Natal (Quarterly)
  • Garden Route (Quarterly)
  • Eastern Cape (Twice yearly)
  • Free State (Twice yearly)
  • Mpumalanga (Twice yearly)

During these training sessions more information will also be provided on:

  • CyberAgent Anywhere (online module)
  • CMA SAPTG (online module)
  • New developments in CyberAgent
  • The Ad Generator in CyberAgent
  • General questions on CyberAgent Desktop and Anywhere

The training in Bloemfontein & Mpumalanga went smoothly and the concepts covered were received with enthusiasm. The general level of CyberAgent knowledge is definitely at a high level and queries were are resolved quickly. If you still don’t know what extras are available in your CyberAgent application make sure that you attend a Free training session at our offices or contact support for more information -

Gauteng Training Sessions

Date: Tuesdays to Thursdays Weekly
09h30 to 11h30 - Beginners
13h30 to 15h30 - Advanced
Cost: FREE!
Venue: 22 Ackerman Street, Witpoortjie, Roodepoort, 1724


Tel: (011) 955-9100

Contact us to book your CyberAgent Anywhere training session today

Garden Route
Garden Route Training Sessions

Dates: 24 April 2012
Admin: 10h30 – 12h00
Chas Everitt CMA & Agent: 12h30 – 14h00
Agent: 14h30 – 15h30

Cost: FREE!
Venue: African Sun Guest House, Sec 98/209,
Modder Rivier, R404, George, Garden Route, Western Cape


20th of April

Tel: (011) 955-9100

Contact us to book your CyberAgent training session today

Kwazulu Natal
Western Cape
Kwazulu Natal Training Sessions

Dates: Quarterly - Next dates to be announced
09h00 to 11h00 - CAA & Sales
11h15 to 13h15 – CA Desktop Beginners
13h30 to 15h30 – CA Desktop Advanced

Cost: FREE!
Venue: Real IT, 37 Zennith Drive, Shop 004 The CUBE (In Spring Grove), Umhlanga, New Town - Near: Porsche Car dealership


Kirk Dee
Cell 082 567 1303

Contact us to book your CyberAgent training session today

Western Cape Training Sessions

Dates: 9th and 23th of May 2012
09h00 to 11h00 - CA Desktop Beginners
11h00 to 14h00 – CA Desktop Beginners
14h00 to 16h00 - CAA

Cost: FREE!
Venue: 65 Balfour Street, Parow, Cape Town


4th and 18th of May

Chris Niemandt
Cell 082 432 6963

Contact us to book your CyberAgent training session today


A warm welcome to all new Agencies March 2012:

We trust that by now you are well aware of what CyberAgent can do for you. If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at or phone us at: +27 (0)11 955-9100 or 086 112- 9237


The Property Trainer – Jill Corfield

A very simple and cheap way to get your NQF qualification

Obtain your qualification at your own pace within your own budget! Only pay in full for the credits/subjects you need to obtain – receive discounts on the subjects you are exempt for. Most agents who have not yet achieved their NQF qualification have delayed the RPL process for a variety of reasons:

  • Do not have the knowledge and expertise
  • Not able to attend local support / training classes in your area
  • Are afraid of this massive project – the task seems too big to tackle
  • Afraid of failure – from principals – from peers – from self
  • Do not operate well under pressure
  • Too busy at work
  • Do not have enough free time
  • Do not have the money to pay up front or in large payments
  • Resent having to qualify after such a long time in the business so keep on procrastinating

Now there is an alternative way, a better way that addresses these issues:

  • Pay unit standard by unit standard thus spreading the financial load
  • Complete one unit standard at a time [or as many as you have money and/or time for in one go] so as to ease up on the pressure of too much work and not enough time to complete the project all at once
  • Watch your achievements grow at a pace to suit your budget and your calendar
  • Unit Standards are marked and assessed at the same time and are banked towards the full qualification.
  • As each cluster is completed, the learner emails it to the assessor, who marks and files the work. Any work that requires additional effort is emailed back to the learner which in turn must be completed and emailed again to the assessor

So simple!

Jill Corfield
Accredited Training Provider and RPL Centre
Accreditation No 2283
Tel: 031 303 3735 - Fax: 086 619 1566
Cell: 083 324 3434 - E Mail:




Estate agents, whether principals or non-principals, who held a valid fidelity fund certificate as at 15 July 2008 are reminded that they must successfully complete the Professional Designation Examination by no later than 31 December 2013 to be accorded professional status. Estate agents, generally, are granted a period of two years, calculated as from the date of certification against the respective real estate qualifications for principal and non-principal estate agents, within which to pass the PDE. All estate agents who still have to undertake the PDE are, therefore, encouraged to enroll for that examination as soon as possible...

IEASA National

IEASA - The Way Forward

The IEASA for the present takes responsibility for all its members, both principals and agents. Sustainable business models are currently being developed to comply with government’s requirements to have separated bodies in terms of organised labour and organised business, whilst acknowledging that an agent’s main business is selling property. It is imperative that agents and estate agency principals are properly organised to have a voice in industry.

The IEASA is fully aware of the need for transformation in the industry on different fronts. The primary goal is to build on over 75 years of service to the industry and to emerge with two financially viable bodies fully representing the new South Africa...

Changes to Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

Dear Google user,

We're getting rid of over 60 different privacy policies across Google and replacing them with one that's a lot shorter and easier to read. Our new policy covers multiple products and features, reflecting our desire to create one beautifully simple and intuitive experience across Google.

We believe this stuff matters, so please take a few minutes to read our updated Privacy Policy and Terms of Service at These changes will take effect on March 1, 2012.

One policy, one Google experience

Easy to work across Google

Tailored for you

Easy to share and collaborate

Easy to work across Google

Our new policy reflects a single product experience that does what you need, when you want it to. Whether you're reading an email that reminds you to schedule a family get-together or finding a favorite video that you want to share, we want to ensure you can move across Gmail, Calendar, Search, YouTube, or whatever your life calls for with ease.

Tailored for you

If you're signed into Google, we can do things like suggest search queries – or tailor your search results – based on the interests you've expressed in Google+, Gmail, and YouTube. We'll better understand which version of Pink or Jaguar you're searching for and get you those results faster.

Easy to share and collaborate

When you post or create a document online, you often want others to see and contribute. By remembering the contact information of the people you want to share with, we make it easy for you to share in any Google product or service with minimal clicks and errors.

Protecting your privacy hasn't changed

Our goal is to provide you with as much transparency and choice as possible, through products like Google Dashboard and Ads Preferences Manager, alongside other tools. Our privacy principles remain unchanged. And we'll never sell your personal information or share it without your permission (other than rare circumstances like valid legal requests).

Got questions?
We've got answers.

Visit our FAQ at to read more about the changes. (We figured our users might have a question or twenty-two.)

Notice of Change

March 1, 2012 is when the new Privacy Policy and Terms will come into effect. If you choose to keep using Google once the change occurs, you will be doing so under the new Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.


Welcome back Heine

Welcome back Heine.

Heine is back in our support team and is looking forward to be of assistance.


Free ads for Cyberprop users

Q: Please could you send details regarding the Cyberprop newsletter statement that ads are free on Property Junction. Not sure what online presence we have with property junction already as advertisers or whether this is different

A: We have arranged with Cyberprop that all their active listings be sent to PropertyJunction for free advertising for the remainder of this year. If you currently list your properties with Cyberprop or make use of the CyberAgent listing management system your properties will automatically be sent to PropertyJunction with you not having to do anything. This process will take around a month to complete.

Dave Asher
Executive Manager - Property | PropertyJunction

The PropertyJunction Team
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