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Newsletter - 18 October 2007
Word from the editor

Dear CyberAgent user,

There is no doubt that there’s been a marked slowdown in the real estate market with sales having dropped off considerably during the August and September months, following the introduction of the NCA but mostly, the last interest rate increase, which has put a considerable dampener on the market", according to Samuel Seeff, chairman of Seeff Properties.

If I look at what is said in the introduction and then at the closing quotation of this month's newsletter you will have to ask yourself the question if you or your agency are one of those that rush headlong or do you do anything to stay ahead.

We have just launched our CyberAgent Anywhere application and it has already proven itself as a winner with nearly 200 users using this application.

CyberAgent Anywhere has incorporated the most commonly used functionalities of the CyberAgent package into an online application. It is extremely helpful for agents and agencies who wants to manage and list their data from any platform with an Internet connection, anywhere and anytime and for agencies and franchisors that want to see what is happening in their office or group. Working on a workstation, on a laptop or on a PDA, this one is for you!

Two of the biggest advantages;

  • your listing will be updated to 10+ affiliated websites
  • your data is backed up to insure you do not loose any valuable information

Visit for more information CyberAgent Anywhere

To all our subscribers and CyberAgent users that will be attending the NAR Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, next month, have a safe journey!

The editor

It's here!

With the latest innovation from USP Designs, you can expect your office to be a little quieter from now on. At USP Designs, we understand that time spent behind a desk, is money lost, therefore we have invested a great deal of time in developing software that allows the agent to spend less time in the office, leaving more time seeing clients and the office in full control at all times.

CyberAgent Anywhere has incorporated the most commonly used functionalities of the CyberAgent package into an online application. It is extremely helpful for agents and agencies who wants to manage and list their data from any platform with an Internet connection, anywhere and anytime and for agencies and franchisors that wants to see what is happening in their office or group. Working on a workstation, on a laptop or on a PDA, this one is for you!

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What's New

The CyberAgent Anywhere Blog

Visit our Blog for the latest on CyberAgent Anywhere updates and changes. You can also add questions or comments you might have about CyberAgent Anywhere.

>> Click here to visit the CyberAgent Anywhere Blog


Website Marketing - NOW also

IMPORTANT NOTICE - September 2007 - Terms and Conditions for email solutions

Dear Valued Customer

Thus far USP Designs have never set any restrictions as supposed to disk (storage) and traffic (amount of incoming and outgoing traffic with e mail usage) on our domains.

Taking our various hosting packages in to consideration, we wish to offer you the most effective plan for your business needs, specifically for e mails as this is very essential.

However both disk and traffic usage have resulted into a cumbersome issue, and we need to manage it more effectively on our server, pertaining to the hosting package you have, to prevent any problems that could arise in future.

There are 2 very important aspects we wish to bring under your attention, which we require from you;

Firstly it is needed that the allocated disk space assigned to your domain does not exceed. Therefore where necessary, we will be assigning appropriate mail quotas, and in some cases might need to add a maximum message size on incoming mail. We would now be monitoring this aspect more closely, and should you in any way exceed the disk space, you'll receive an e mail with various methods and/or recommendations to reduce the disk over usage, mostly this will require mail that have not been downloaded, which still resides on the server to be deleted.

Also taking spam mail in to consideration, there are certain filters we can set on the dedicated server for spam mail to be deleted within an allocated time, but we are asking that the "spam bucket" on individual mail accounts get cleared on a regular basis (instructions below)

Secondly we need to focus on traffic, we are being charged for the over all traffic usage each month on our dedicated server. A large number of domains we host are far exceeding their allowed traffic per month. We will therefore be charging an amount of 0.12c per month on each MB of traffic usage that has exceeded. A report can be drawn on the control panel of each domain to view both disk and traffic usage statistics, we can provide you with the details to also access the control panel of your domain in order for the results to be viewed. The control panel will also allow you to manage various accounts on your domain.

Note on cleaning spam bucket :
Logon to the webmail account of an individual mailbox, by using the same format as in the link used as an example

Once logged on to the Konsole-H page log in to webmail with the e mail address and password of the specific address

The interface is very simple to use, on the menu go to >Folder Options, then select the "spambucket", use the dropdown list to select all items and click the delete link, alternatively place a ticket next to the "spambucket" from dropdown list select empty folders

Yours Sincerely
Dillon Gray
Domain and E mail administrator

Are you familiar with the following questions?
  • My pictures don’t show on any of the websites
  • All my Data in CyberAgent just disappeared
  • How do I print a Blank Listing Report?
  • Which number is my property reference number?

Our support desk has added a Question and Answer section to our CyberAgent website, Already we have over 40 Q & A's that we are sharing with our CyberAgent users.

How to use it?

Click on the button on the main page and it will take you to the Q & A section Scroll down on the main screen; you can add any questions that are not there by clicking on ask a question. The answer will go through to the questioners e-mail address & will be added to the list if not already there CyberAgent training.

You can also mail any questions you have to



CyberAgent handheld technology has been recognised internationally for innovation and excellence by the Computer World Honours Programme

No other package combines extensive exposure on a variety of South Africa’s leading property websites with the ability to list properties in real time

CyberAgent Anywhere delivers technology that keeps individual agents, real estate agency management and franchisors all up to date 24/7... all year round

The cost of CyberAgent is amazingly affordable. Updating to 10 affiliated websites cost you less than R 20 per website for ALL your listings

For more information email


CyberAgent Training and Info Sessions

We now provide you with FREE training session in the following areas;

  • Gauteng
  • Kwazulu Natal
  • Western Cape
  • and the Garden Route

During these training sessions more information will also be provided on:

  • CyberAgent Anywhere
  • Keep me Informed Function
  • New developments in CyberAgent
  • New Update Manager
  • REEP (Real Estate Evaluation Portal)
Western Cape
Gauteng Training Sessions

Date: Daily
09h30 to 12h30 - Beginners
14h00 to 17h00 - Advanced
Cost: FREE!
Venue: 22 Ackerman Street, Witpoortjie, Roodepoort, 1724


Tel: (011) 955-9100

Contact us to book your CyberAgent Anywhere training session today

Western Cape Training Sessions

Date: 6 November and 20 November
09h00 to 12h00 - Beginners
12h00 to 16h00 - Advanced
Cost: FREE!
Venue: 65 Balfour Street, Parow, Cape Town


2 November and 16 November respectively

Chris Niemandt
Cell 082 432 6963

Contact us to book your CyberAgent Anywhere training session today


Property trader is a free real estate magazine, targeting all sectors of the South African residential property community. The publications provide compelling local market editorial with informative national features and columns delivering a truly unique perspective for those of you interested in the property market. As a group we currently publish in excess of 60 million pages of advertising per month via more than 400 000 issues weekly in the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Gauteng, Kwazulu Natal and Mpumalanga.

Your properties are now advertised online with Property Trader as part of your monthly CyberAgent subscription!


Welcome to PropertyGenie

Homebuyers today are increasingly using the Web to search for

Don't forget to check out the new Property Genie Website

property - it's convenient, quick and hassle free. Because of this, real estate agencies are placing more

emphasis on using the web as a marketing tool and it is established that by 2008 more real estate advertising money will be spent online than in newspapers.

With this in mind, was designed to showcase the listings of South Africa's leading real estate agencies and give customers a single portal through which to find property online.

All CyberAgent users properties are now automatically updated and advertised on

CyberAgent & Ananzi

Nearly 66 723 properties listed and growing!

If you are not yet advertising on South Africa's biggest and most popular search engine with over 10 million page impressions monthly, it is time to register now!

To read more simply click on the following link:


A warm welcome to all new Agencies August 2007:

We trust that by now you are well aware of what CyberAgent can do for you. If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Fanie at or phone us at: +27 (0)11 955-9100 or 086 112- 9237

Most Internet enquiries:

Company Requests
The Rental Giant 678
Wendy Machanik Properties 275
Impact Estates 133
No Agent Property in South Africa 114
Homerent Durban - BHF 100
RKD Trading And Projects 87
Proplist - Head Office - Repo List CC 77
Summer Homes Residential Sales & Rentals 75
Realty Executives JHB South 72
Kayaramina Properties CC 71
King's Domain Properties CC 60
Hunters, The Estate Agents 60
The Letting Agent 60
Tybalt Properties 60
SA Hometraders


Now you can update directly to SAhometraders when you do a property update in CyberAgent.

USP Designs (Pty) LTD and SAhometraders have formed a working relationship that now allows CyberAgent Users to update to SAhometraders without double property capturing.

USP Designs have negotiated a reduced monthly subscription of R250.00 excl. VAT to SAhometraders for all CyberAgent users.

If you are interested contact Sandy on 011 955 9100 or complete the form on this link and we will contact you shortly.


Check the value of any pile of bricks

There is only one way to find the value of a property, or to analyse suburb growth - REEP!

Reep is a unique online property evaluation tool and the perfect background check to any property investment.

All CyberAgent users are offered a 6 month trial period at no cost and with no further obligation and when you sign up you get an additional three months. Now available with a direct link through your CyberAgent Office software.


Reep's search on both erf nº and address is very easy to use. I find that the area comparisons as well as their property valuations are quite accurate. The information and layout is presentable and easy to read.
Amanda Booysen - Caz Realtors

"I find that Reep definitely is an advantage to me as an agent as it gives vital information that assists you when dealing with both property buyers and sellers. I find that the property size comparisons and confidence indications are accurate and of great advantage".
Gilberto Manata - Property On Line

SA Property Warehouse

SA PROPERTY WAREHOUSE invites all fellow CyberAgent users to have all your property listings, linked with the SA Property Warehouse portal at no additional cost, as another advertising medium.

This portal is growing at a tremendous pace in regards to visits, and can only be of advantage to you.

In the current market situation one must make use of all additional marketing concepts to make your agency more visible in the field.

CyberAgent will link your listing automatically once you approve. For more information you can email

Should you wish to update to this property website pls. forward a written request to

Is your agent up to scratch?
How do you know whether your estate agent is up to scratch or not? You'll be able to tell from the after-sales service given by the agent.

According to Tony Clarke, MD of Rawson Properties, once the money is in the bank, the service from the estate agent is not meant to come to an abrupt halt.

“Often after the sale has been made, agents will leave the seller and buyer in the hands of the conveyancer," but this is not the way it should be. It is the duty of the agents to "stay in touch with his clients and to see that not only are all the suspensive clauses on the sale completed or cancelled quickly, but also that all other legal matters required to speed up transfer are completed”, he says...

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for the agent, by the agent

In little more than three months, Leapfrog, a national real estate franchise agency has recruited 260 of South Africa’s top agents, opened 24 franchised operations and is aggressively seeking likeminded entrepreneurs and agents to join a national brand that is fresh and dynamic. A brand that has introduced a unique business model that is new to an industry that is in need of a little shaking up!

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