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Newsletter - 3 March 2006
Word from the editor

Dear CyberAgent users,

In his Budget speech, Finance Minister Trevor Manuel announced that transfer duties would no longer apply to mortgages of up to 500,000 rand as from March 1. How will this be to the benefit of the Estate Agency and even Estate Agent? According to ABSA Mortgage advances growth is likely to benefit from the Budget announcement on transfer duty on property. They projected an average nominal house price growth of at least 12% for 2006 (21,9% in 2005). As far as the mortgage advances a projected growth of between 22% and 24% is expected compared with 27.6% recorded in 2005. I suppose only time will tell.

This month we have a bumper newsletter! Make sure you do not miss reading about the maintenance at Internet Solutions and how it can affect your website and Internet service.

It is not so much about what you are doing, but rather how much you enjoy what you are doing.

The editor

Do you enjoy what you are doing?

Consider the following; it is not so much about what you are doing, but rather how much you enjoy what you are doing. If we base this bold statement on one particular case study, it serves to prove that the people at CyberAgent are infatuated with what they are doing.

Back in 1999, the founding member of USP Designs, Willie van Schalkwyk made the following statement; which has become their work philosophy: “I believe that continued growth will be the indicator of our innovation. This will be validated by customers who add our solutions to meet their needs.” Usp Designs immediately started with the creation of the software package, that has become known as CyberAgent.

To some extent; we are the facilitators of our own evolution. In retrospect; it seems that the evolution of the CyberAgent package, into CyberAgent Mobile, was a perfectly natural development. Since its introduction to the property community last year, the application has literally revolutionised the way in which day-to-day business is conducted. Already the user’s businesses are benefiting from increased productivity which ultimately translates into massive profit gains.

True to their beliefs in continued growth and innovation, CyberAgent is based on cutting edge technology, with free programme updates being provided on a regular basis. As an all-inclusive office management tool consisting of 10 modules, CyberAgent effectively eliminates the need for multiple programs, and time consuming double capturing. Currently over 1000 Real Estate Agents make use of CyberAgent software, which also operates as an off-line system, resulting in further savings of time and money.

Still to this day, the philosophy has stayed the same at USP Designs, you can rest assured that this is indeed a company with a vision; a vision to never stop pushing the barriers in technological advances within the property industry.

CyberAgent Mobile is the proverbial right hand to the CyberAgent package and ensures a real, tangible advantage to estate agencies of all sizes to benefit from the highest levels of Internet marketing and exposure.” Says Pat Jewell, operations director of USP Designs.

The CyberAgent management tool provides real estate agencies with a complete end to end solutions, that allows individual agents to administer, catalogue and publish properties online without being anywhere near the office. Combined with a CyberAgent real estate business management system on your desktop computer, as well as some amazingly cost efficient web site development and hosting facilities, CyberAgent Mobile is delivering effective technology that simplifies the property business for the better.

CyberAgent Mobile

Have you read about CyberAgent Mobile? If not, do not miss out!

CyberAgent Mobile is a winner! Not only for the Estate Agent but also in the IT world.

Congratulations on being nominated by Sybase for a Computerworld Honors 21st Century Achievement Award.

The awards ceremony is on June 5 in Washington, D.C. On that day, all Laureates will be presented with a prestigious medal as recognition for their contribution to the field of Information Technology. Later that day, five finalists will be announced in each of the 10 award categories (Business, Education, Environment/Energy/Agriculture, Finance/Insurance/Real Estate, Government/Non-Profit, Manufacturing, Media/Arts/Entertainment, Medicine, Science, and Transportation). At the awards gala that evening, a 21st Century Achievement Award winner will be named for each category, along with the presentation of some special leadership awards.

If you do not know what CyberAgent Mobile offers, go and have a look NOW!

Click here to read more about CyberAgent Mobile

CyberAgent Mobile
FREE trial download

Will CyberAgent Mobile work for you?

You can now test drive the new CyberAgent Mobile program free for 7 days.

Download the program(free),
order it on CD
or 32MB SD Card.

Once loaded on the device you have 7 days in which you can run the program in demo mode.

Click here to for more details

What's New ???

The development efforts are focussed on the integration with CyberAgent Mobile. A lot of improvement has been made in the speed of the website update for CyberAgent Mobile users. The good news is that the advances made on the CAM front also benefits the regular CyberAgent subscriber... so look out for the next version of CyberAgent 3.100.925 is the current build available.

CyberAgent Training

Our next info/training session for Cape Town, West Coast and Overberg is on it's way!

Beginners Session

Date: 13 March 2006
Time: 09h00 - 12h00
Cost: R50 per person per session
Venue: 65 Balfour Street, Churchill Estate


9 March 2006

Chris Niemandt at:
082-432 6963

All booking fees must be paid by Thursday, 09/03/2006. Please fax proof of payment to
021 930-6224/

Medium to Advanced Session

Date: 13 March 2006
Time: 12h00 - 16h00
Cost: R60 per person per session
Venue: 65 Balfour Street, Churchill Estate


9 March 2006

Chris Niemandt at:
082-432 6963

All booking fees must be paid by Thursday, 09/03/2006. Please fax proof of payment to
021 930-6224

Please take note that there are limited seats available!

Johannesburg – We are busy renovating our offices and will be offering weekly training sessions for FREE to all our CyberAgent users in the near future.

For more information on training please email

CyberAgent & Ananzi

Nearly 15 000 properties listed and growing!

If you are not yet advertising on on South Africa's biggest and most popular search engine with over 10 million page impressions monthly it is time to register now!

To read more simply click on the following link:


A warm welcome to all new Agencies:

We trust that by now you are well aware of what CyberAgent can do for you. If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Fanie at or phone us at: +27 (0)11 955-9100 or 086 112- 9237

Most Internet enquiries:


Company Requests
Proplist - Glenanda 241
Wendy Machanik Properties 192
Realty Executives JHB South 190
The Rental Giant 135
Firzt Realty Company - Deez Realtors cc 100 88
Angor Financial Services 78
Proprop (Pty) Ltd - Head office 63
Greeff Estates Nationlink 61
U 61
Realty Executives JHB North 58
Chas Everitt Southern Suburbs 56
Hall Real Estate 51
Blue Property Group 46
Explore Properties (Marelle Trust) 44
Homenet Pretor (Pretoria) 43
White House Estates 41
Property Pages 40
Anne Porter Properties (Pty) LTD 38
Just Letting 38
Waterkloof Properties 38
Re/max One Hundred 34
Ann Rault Properties 33
Huizemark JHB 33
Platinum Residential (Pty) LTD 31
Jazmax Property Consultants 31
Proprop - Hyper By The Sea 31

Sunday times

Company Requests
Proplist - Glenanda 78
U 66
Realty Executives JHB South 64
The Rental Giant 58
Wendy Machanik Properties 56
Angor Financial Services 44
Just Letting 42
Hall Real Estate 38
Blue Property Group 26
Huizemark JHB 26 24
Ann Rault Properties 22
Explore Properties (Marelle Trust) 22
Home Choice Property Brokers 22
Realty Executives JHB North 20
PLN - Property Listing Network 20
No more waiting for statements

No more waiting for statements and invoices. By logging on with your username and password you can now get it online at:


New representation in the Western Cape

We have a new representative in the Western Cape; Ernst Linde.

Welcome to the CyberAgent family Ernst!

Ernst Linde
Mobile: 082 994 9800
Landline: 021 461 0555
PO Box 15837, Vlaeberg

Should you wish to know more about CyberAgent give Ernst a call right now!


CyberAgent and your (WiFi) network

These two things may sound like they don't really have much in common - but things are allways more complex than what they seem like... Let me try to explain:

CyberAgent has a very unique database format. (Database - a collection of records/pieces of information - ie: listings. The format varies from one solution provider to the next. One would use DBF, others SQL, others ORACLE etc. etc. Each flavour has it's own advantages and disadvantages). One of the beautiful advantages of the database format of CyberAgent, is it's "changeability" - just imagine what it would have been like if we had to come into your office and reload CyberAgent every time there is a change to the program/data structure. NO! Instead of this pain - CyberAgent can be updated at the push of a button - so there's a great advantage of the data structure we've chosen for CyberAgent.

Let's look at one disadvantage and specifically how it can be accentuated in a specific network environment - we're highlighting it in this months' newsletter, since it recently came up in a clients' office environment and we believe it could happen more frequently in future...

The DBF database format used in CyberAgent is very reliant on a stable network. What do I mean with stable? Allways available. Some networks are made up of hardware from various suppliers and at the end of the day, the network runs with a bit of luck and a lot of hiccups... this is NOT the kind of network where you want to run CyberAgent on. Why not? Data corruptions! When a DBF database is suddenly closed or dropped - even just for a brief period - the data can become corrupt. The worse part: THERE'S NO WAY TO FIX IT!!! The only solution is to restore a prior backup!

A new technology that's seen more often in the modern office is the wireless network or WiFi. This is a great network strategy, since it's much less a headache to connect the various components together. It works beautifully with handheld devices that need network and internet connectivity. There is however one key feature of a wireless network adapter (network card) - that has the ability to play havoc with CyberAgent... Power Save mode or "CAM" or "Card Power Management" - there are different flavours, but it all means the same : In an attempt to make portable computer's batteries last longer, the option to let the network card "sleep" at times when it's not truly in use was introduced. This may work well for your laptops' battery - but it is a sure killer for CyberAgent - since the instant the network card goes to sleep - it's no longer available... technically it is, it will just take a couple milliseconds to wake up - but that's not good enough for a DBF database file. To the DBF file, and thus to CyberAgent - the connection has been broken and your data stands a good chance to be corrupted. At the very least - a host of error messages wil pop up when trying to work on CyberAgent after the network has gone to sleep.

So - what do you do? Ask your network administrator to ensure that the power save option of the wireless network cards have been disabled - that way the network will allways be available. The CyberAgent developers have tested CyberAgent in a WiFi environment and are completely satisfied with the results.

Safe computing!
The CyberAgent Development Team

CyberAgent - what does it offer?

Technology has become an integral part of Real Estate over the past few years. Tools like CyberAgent have played and will play even a more important role in the future of Real Estate. Real estate agencies using a tool like CyberAgent, gain the advantages of using the latest technology to benefit their businesses.

The real challenge is to find a software application (programme) that supports all facets of the industry, cutting out the need to duplicate day-to-day work. CyberAgent answers to all the estate agencies needs.


  • Caters for all of the above
  • Is an all-inclusive office management tool
  • Consists of cutting edge technology
  • Has been developed since 1999
  • Enables you to eliminate multiple programmes; No double capturing
  • Compete on the highest level of Internet marketing and exposure
  • Is an OFF-LINE system, saving you time and money
  • Free programme updates on a regular basis
  • Currently used by over 700 Professional Estate Agencies
  • Includes multilevel security
  • Network ready with no additional licenses for the same office
Important! Planned maintenance by Internet Solutions

Dear IS Customer

Due to IS planned maintenance two core switches in each of the following two Internet Data Centres (IDC) will be affected:

1. Tuesday morning, 7th March 2006 @ 00h00 - 03h00 (SAST), Rosebank IDC
2. Friday morning, 10th March 2006 @ 00h00 - 06h00 (SAST), Bryanston IDC

IS engineers will upgrade the core switches, and move devices connected to them, one cable at a time, with a sub 1-minute outage expected per device.

The following services will be impacted:

a. Hosting services
b. Shared Firewall services
c. Outsourced Firewall services
d. Hosting Backup services - The incremental backups for the specific nights will not be taken (RBA - Tues 7th, BRY - Fri 10th). A full backup will be taken on the preceding weekend, incremental backups on the other weekday nights, and followed by a full backup the following weekend.

Customers may experience a very brief, minor degradation of services.

Please do not hesitate to contact either your IS account manager or the relevant service representative should you require further information or the IS GSC on +27(0)11 - 575 0055.


Internet Solutions

Real Estate news

INDUSTRIAL property remains the top-performing property sector in SA, with 65% rental growth over the past two years, the latest eProp rental barometer shows.

Retail growth was at 55%. Office growth came in last at 20%.

“It’s once again a clear case of supply and demand,” says eProp research director Marc Schneider.

“There is a dearth of industrial space across the country and this is placing huge upward pressure on both land prices and rentals.

“But it’s a positive picture for investors, with average gross asking rentals still growing. This will have a positive impact on achieved rentals in all sectors.”

As far as industrial rental growth in the provinces is concerned, Schneider says the strongest growth over the past two years has been KwaZulu- Natal, with 100% growth, followed by Gauteng with 65% and Western Cape with 59%.

Retail property in Western Cape has been the best performer in terms of retail rentals, with growth of nearly 150% over the past two years, compared with Gauteng’s 62% growth and 12% for KwaZulu-Natal.

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