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Newsletter - September 2010
Word from the editor

Dear CyberAgent user,

There is a saying that product goes where literature flows. At CyberAgent we believe that properties are sold by knowing your product.

Knowing the difference between the features and benefits of CyberAgent and how to use them can make the difference between a successful and not so successful real estate office.

The features are what CyberAgent can do for you, all the “bells and whistles”.

The benefits are what CyberAgent means to you, your agency and your clients.

My question to you this month, “Do you know the features and benefits of your office?”

Knowing the answer to this question can change your "sales process". Knowing what the features and benefits are of your real estate office; finding out what the likely problems are of your target market and the benefits that would appeal; and knowing how to ask the right questions to a client so that you can help him or her make the decision over what the right property to buy would be can make a difference to a client signing on the dotted line.

Your properties now on! We have recently decided that listing of an unlimited number of properties on the Skilpad.Com Internet and mobile phone portals will be offered free-of-charge to South African estate agencies on a permanent basis.” When we received this notification we jumped at giving our CyberAgent users maximum exposure for their properties and within one week we had the feed in place. Through CyberAgent you are now affiliated to over 100 websites.

3rd Quarter stats! SA’s hottest Province and top 10 cities as well as top 5 cities per Province for the 3rd quarter 2010! These statistics were obtained from over 1000 websites hosted and maintained by CyberAgent.

Until next month!
The editor

CyberAgent Programme Enhancements

CAA – CyberAgent Anywhere

On the sales, you can now filter on the properties for the property selection dropdown.

The filtering fields (Street, Suburb and City) only activates when you have more than 200 listings to select from.

For Properties selection, you must then enter either a street, suburb or city. Only one is required, but all 3 can be filled in to minimize the time to "fetch" available properties and to narrow the search criteria.

You only have to enter a few letters to enable the filter i.e. for Krugersdorp just enter kruger in the city field and click on the “fetch my properties” button.

This will return the first 300 properties for Krugersdorp. If the sought property does not appear in the list, then you will have to narrow the search criteria even more by adding either more letters to the search criteria or by adding additional information i.e add a street name or a suburb name.

Please remember that a search for "ger" will return all properties containing the letters “ger” in the selected search field i.e Wilger and Krugersdorp.

The buyer/seller selection works similarly but searches on name and surname.

The filtering fields only activates whenyou have more than 200 listings.

Vat on bond commission

The VAT on bond commission issue has also been corrected.

We have added in a check to remove all entries in all modules (agent, property etc) that are blank.

The benefit of this is that there will be less data updating and as such your updates will now be able to process as fast as possible as it won’t waste any time on useless data.

Bulk Replace Agent based on Location

Due to popular demand, there is also a replacement utility that will assign an agent based on location, either Country, Province, City or Suburb. This should make agents changing areas of operation much easier to manage. For more details read “From the support desk


Sellers must have a way out in linked deals

Many homebuyers these days first need to sell their own properties before they can proceed with the purchase transaction, and most sale agreements make provision for this with a “subject to” clause.

But what happens when something goes wrong and the buyer’s own sale falls through? “This can and does happen,” says Berry Everitt, CEO of the Chas Everitt International property group, “due to the withdrawal of the second buyer’s mortgage finance, perhaps, or due to insolvency and sometimes even due to ill-health or death, and the first seller in the chain needs to be protected in such circumstances...

NEW: Your properties on

To CyberAgent

The purpose of this email is to propose a co-operative relationship between CyberAgent and Skilpad.Com Property Portal. Since our launch in July 2008, Skilpad.Com has grown rapidly and currently we display over 80 000 listings of property for sale and to let in South Africa.

We have recently decided that listing of an unlimited number of properties on the Skilpad.Com Internet and mobile phone portals will be offered free-of-charge to South African estate agencies on a permanent basis. This is a firm business decision and we will not start charging a fee for listings in a year, or two or five years time. We will earn our income by offering extra services which will be optional.

Currently some of your clients are listed for free on Skilpad.Com. We would like to extend this service to all of your clients. We propose that you could offer this additional free exposure to your clients through an interface that could be set up according to your preferences.

To our clients – As you tick on that “update to website” button your properties are now automatically displayed on This system runs every evening so your listings should show the next day

'Still a buyers' market'

On average, the sample of estate agents surveyed in the third quarter perceived residential demand to have weakened for the second successive quarter, after a previous strengthening trend that started back late in 2008. On a scale of one to 10, the agent demand activity rating declined from 5.96 to 5.66. While seasonal factors can play a role, year-on-year growth in the activity rating also declined from a previous quarter’s +24.4 percent to +0.2 percent in the third quarter, suggesting that the slowdown is more than just seasonal...

From our Webmaster

Q: How your agency can feature next to the Google mapping;

A: If you click on more results near East London, for an example, you will see that provides the business listings to Google.

I would suggest listing your company on the website, but I cannot guarantee that your listing will come up next to the map.

You should also list your company on Google’s Business Center:

For website enquiries please do not hesitate to mail me at


From our Support Desk

Build 3.100.1487 is now available. Please make sure that you are running on this version.

In this new version a Bulk Agent upload by location has been added under the “Utilities” menu. This will allow any specific Agent to be allocated to a specific area based on Country, Province, City or Suburb. This function is easy to use, simply go to “Utilities” and click on “Bulk Agent upload – Location” which will bring up the next screen:

First you need to select the Agent that will be allocated. Remember to choose the location type e.g. Suburb as in the example above. Select the appropriate location field from the drop down list (this list is based on the data captured in your Property Manager) that the property must have to assign the new agent. Should you want to change the client’s agent (of the properties being changed) at the same time, simply tick the “Replace Associated Clients Agent” tick box.

To add more flexibility, you can change the “Is” to “Is Not” by clicking on this button. Should you use that the agent will be assigned to all property that do not have that location assigned.

You can also change “Equal To” to “Contains”. This is useful with extensions, for example, if you select Noordhewel, it would change the agent for Noordhewel as well as any extensions (such as Noordhewel Ext 04).

As mentioned in a previous newsletter, USP Designs has added mapping to, its client’s as well as affiliated websites.

With this in mind, we now are able to display a map and plot agencies on that map, yet again, a first for the industry.

A web user can now zoom into a particular area on the map and request a display of all Real Estate Agencies for that area. The user can define what area they wish to buy in and then see which agencies are nearest to that area. The area can be as broad as the whole of Southern Africa or it can be focused right down to suburb level.

To help us speed up this process, we ask if you would please enter your agency’s mapping coordinates.

If you are a CyberAgent Professional/Lite user, you can use CyberAgent desktop application; Under “Site Update” we have added a new “Map Agency Coordinates” button.

Clicking on this button, will open a web page where you will be able to enter your coordinates.

CyberAgent Anywhere users can find the link under “Agency Setup” Menu option.

On this page, is a quick find, which will help you to navigate quickly to the suburb where your agency is located. Once you have located your suburb, simple click on the map to plot where your agency is. This will add a pointer and retrieve the coordinates for you. Then Click on the “Update” button to save the coordinates to our database.

Please remember to be as accurate as possible. This will help prospective clients find your premises quickly.

A note to all our Website Users, the plotting of these maps will be done by our support team.

Nearly all parents want to see their children succeed. What is the one factor that's more important than any other for success?

Parental support. Parental support means paying attention to and valuing your child's interests.

Here at CyberAgent we want to see that all our clients succeed. What is the one factor that’s more important than any other business success? The CyberAgent support desk. CyberAgent support desk means assisting our clients making sure that they not only understand the various modules in the CyberAgent applications but to also use it to their maximum potential.


Unfortunately we lost Sydney as an employee but for those “old” CyberAgent users good news is that Fanie Jordaan is back!

Should you experience any problems or have any questions, please contact our support desk on 011 955 9100 or email


Website Marketing - Now more than 100 websites!

Click Here for printable .pdf file

Monthly Stats - End July 2010

Internal Site
Page Impressions
Total Users
Unique users
Sub Totals:
External Site
Page Impressions
Total Users
Unique users
Sub Totals:
Page Impressions
Total Users
Unique users
Talent Ocean
Sub Totals:


CyberAgent Training and Info Sessions

We provide you with FREE training session in the following areas;

  • Gauteng
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  • and the Garden Route

During these training sessions more information will also be provided on:

  • CyberAgent Anywhere
  • Keep me Informed Function
  • New developments in CyberAgent
  • New Update Manager
  • REEP (Real Estate Evaluation Portal)
Western Cape
Gauteng Training Sessions

Date: Daily
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Cost: FREE!
Venue: 22 Ackerman Street, Witpoortjie, Roodepoort, 1724


Tel: (011) 955-9100

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Western Cape Training Sessions

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1st and 15th of October respectively

Chris Niemandt
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A warm welcome to all new Agencies August 2010:

We trust that by now you are well aware of what CyberAgent can do for you. If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at or phone us at: +27 (0)11 955-9100 or 086 112- 9237


To the editor

To the editor

I’ve had the most wonderful experience with your technical support team and felt I had to write to you.

I’m a basic girl and anything I.T related is completely puzzling to me. Solving a rubics cube is by far easier than setting up even the simplest function on a computer. So that is where your wonderful team comes into effect.

Sydney (A.K.A My boyfriend. I phone him more than I phone my husband), is a stunning person, always friendly and super smart. He’s helped me on numerous occasions with not only cyber agent queries but also with general questions about settings on my p.c. He is an asset to any company and definitely a person everybody can approach and look-up too. His one of a kind! A true gem – THANK YOU SYDNEY, YOU’RE A HONEY!

Brian, WOW! His always ready to help, he’s got a passion for the business and truly loves what he does. He always makes a point of popping into the office, to check if all is o.k. with Global – THANKS BRIAN FOR ALL YOUR HELP

All the other techi support guys are wonderful. They’re always ready to help and should they not know how to fix a problem they will find out and get back to you, they’re fast, efficient and friendly – WELL DONE GUYS, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

Thank you Pat, for the wonderful team! You guys are making our jobs easier!

Cherie Griffin

From the editor: Thank you Cherie! This indeed warms our hearts!

To the editor

In reply to anonymous' comments re agents experience for 10 or more years having to undergo a NQF qualification :

Firstly a letter should have a name, what are they afraid of?

Secondly, as a principal I have no fear of the NQLF process as I do the total training and emphasise FICA, the National Credit Act etc. In fact when our agents went through the NQF4 training, we were told that they were the best trained agents that the training facilitator had ever had. They are one of the largest training companies at present.

I am not afraid of the NQF process, but what does concern me is the waste of my time and cost (direct and indirect costs) where it could be profitably spent making sure that my company remains profitable during these tough economic times.

It is most imperative that new agents should be qualified and there is no objection to the process. However, we cannot base ourselves on the standards of Australia or the Netherlands as they are first world countries and we have a very long way to go to match their education standards.

One of my greatest concerns is how my company can compete with the emerging or explosion of the informal agents that are working with a cell phone and out the back of their motor cars and do not have the overheads that a Real Estate office has and there is no way that they are even interested in dealing with the EAAB or the NQF training. At least 25% of all properties in Natal are made by these unqualified, unregistered, unprofessional agents Their main objective is to sell and earn commission.


Managing Director
PROprop (Pty)Ltd

Send your viewpoints to

EAAB – Professional Designation Examination Exemption Award Ceremony & Capacity Building Presentation/Workshops


IEA, Western Cape - IEASA in a healthy state but looking for more members

Giving his end of year review at the annual general meeting of the Western Cape Institute of Estate Agents held recently at the Alphen Hotel, Ivan Neethling, Chairman of the Institute, said that the branch is very definitely solvent and in good shape but urgently needs to increase its membership.

Although this branch is widely recognised as being one of the most successful and best managed in South Africa, he said, it is still far short of meeting its target membership figures...

Rental agents should attend institute training sessions

David Beattie, Principal of Chorus Letting and a director of the Western Cape branch of the Institute of Estate Agents, has urged all agents in this field to make use of the “excellent” training provided by the Institute for its members.

“Assuming,” he said, “that most agents in the rental sector have already knuckled down to achieve the obligatory NQF4 qualifications – and will achieve them by 2011 – it is nevertheless true that the specialist courses in rental matters offered by the Institute will help them perform more professionally and should form part of their self-improvement programme...

News from Aida / Young Lion award for Aida CEO

In recognition of his potential as one of the new leaders of the real estate industry, Aida National Franchises CEO Young Carr has been honoured as one of this year’s Young Lion award winners.

The award was presented at the Property Professional of the Year gala event held at the Arabella Western Cape Hotel & Spa at the weekend. This event, sponsored by Nedbank, is held annually to reward outstanding achievements in real estate performance and leadership, as independently judged by the trustees of the Property Association...

The Property Association and Nedbank award – Highest Real Estate Accolade awarded

Jaco Rademeyer of Jaco Rademeyer Estates stakes his claim as the best in South Africa’s real estate industry

The annual Nedbank Property Professional Awards set the benchmark of quality service and reward the top achievers in real estate. The ultimate real estate accolade, the Nedbank Property Professional of the Year Award, was presented to Jaco Rademeyer of Jaco Rademeyer Estates at the awards function held at The Arabella Western Cape Hotel & Spa on Saturday 4 September 2010.

The Property Association and Nedbank award - RE/MAX scoops three awards

RE/MAX of Southern Africa’s CEO and two of its Broker/Owners picked up awards at the recent Nedbank Property Professional of the Year Awards

For the past 11 years, the Nedbank Property Professional of the Year awards ceremony has paid tribute to leaders in the real estate industry for their outstanding business achievement and their valued contribution to the industry in general.

The Property Association and Nedbank award - Mover & Shaker award for new RealNet MD

In recognition of his sterling contribution to the growth and development of franchising in SA’s real estate industry, the RealNet group’s Jan Davel has been honoured as one of this year’s Movers & Shakers award winners.

This crowns a momentous week for the group in which Davel was appointed managing director and in which Tjaart van der Walt, who had been CEO for five-and-a-half years, was appointed as the new chairman of the board...

The Trainer Vol 72 by Jill Corfield

[already being referred to as the C.P.A.] is about to be a day-to-day reality.

It is due in October and the regulations are only up for public comment so it might well be delayed. Even so, it is coming very soon and we need to be prepared.

Principals and Agents alike - you owe it to yourselves to attend seminars on this very confusing piece of legislation. In fact, I would suggest that you attend two or three in order to get absolute clarity. Karien Hunter of AMC Hunter spoke to an audience of Durban Agents at a recent IEA seminar held in Durban recently and I am sure that the local IEA offices around the country will be hosting similar events. Get your local pet attorneys that you all deal with on a regular basis to come and talk to your staff.

Items that need specific attention are Mandate documents, Marketing, Indemnities, Checklists and Paper Trails [to cover yourselves]. Good Luck – this is worse than RPL!

Registered Assessor, Moderator and Verifier:
Real Estate/Services Seta
083 324 3434


Essential Inclusions For Your Website


Today we’re going back to basics with a look at the essential elements for all good agency websites. Everyone knows you need a website for your agency, but it’s no longer good enough to have just any old website. It needs to be fabulous with the latest gizmos and tricks. Or does it? Here’s our list of the most important things to include in – and leave out of – your agency website...

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