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Newsletter - 29 January 2009
Word from the editor

Dear CyberAgent user,

Still not sure how important the Internet is in real estate sales?

The California Association Of Realtors recently released their “2008 Survey of California Home Buyers”. It underscores how many real estate agents are out of touch with reality in regards to what today’s consumer wants and expects.

I can hear it now. “It doesn’t apply to me”. “Real estate is local”. “My market is different.”

You know them, they are the ones who still probably have AOL email addresses and may in fact still think that AOL is the Internet.

It’s time you as a real estate agent who wants to run a “business” wakes up and takes notice of what is REALLY going on in the industry.

Here is what the survey found:

  1. 1. Home buyers expect and want real estate agents to answer the telephone or respond by email! 96 percent of Internet buyers expected a response within four hours or less…31 percent of the Internet group expected an IMMEDIATE response! You see what the consumer wants. Deliver it! Real simple. You don’t need a business coach to learn how to be accessible and answer the phone or an email!

  2. The survey showed that “Traditional” buyers take as much as 10.3 weeks searching for a home and wanted to see almost twice as many homes with their agent (23.3 homes) as Internet buyers (12.7 homes). 200% more, twice the amount of work…Hello McFly!! , I ask again. Buyers are too much work? Maybe you are working with the wrong buyers!

  3. 71% of the Internet buyers would use the same real estate agent again

  4. Homebuyers who used the Internet in the home-buying process reported that the first Web site they visited was Google (40 percent), Hmmm, when 40% of the market is using Google to find homes just what do you think they were searching for? If you have to think too hard for the answer you may already be lost!

  5. The survey found that 90 percent of buyers in the Internet group found their real estate agent using the Internet, while just 9 percent found their agent through a for-sale sign and 1 percent through an agent’s marketing materials

Ok, so what are you going to do with this information? We already know that most will discount it as it not being relevant to their endeavors. Some won’t believe it and others won’t even know how to respond. That’s fine. It’s the others out there that this is written for, that small percentage of maverick real estate agents who use contemporary data and means to actually run a real estate business. Take this data and run with it. You are and will continue to distance yourself from the pack and this survey confirms you are on the right track.

We at CyberAgent believe that currently and to the best of our knowledge, no other office management software in South Africa compares closely to the functionality and benefits within CyberAgent. has become a property portal with hundreds of thousands listed properties, both for rental and for sale. CyberProp and our CyberProp newsletter is our community channel with the man in the street, providing them with “real time property” and industry related news. We have tens of thousands subscribers for our CyberProp weekly newsletter.

We also formed relationships with other property websites and currently update the properties of our users to these as well as the numerous in-house websites (40+ websites) giving you the client maximum exposure!

By using CyberAgent you do not have to be ignorant anymore. Best of all, we will do the running for you!

Now if you are still not sure of the importance of the Internet do not miss the following article; Move over Obama - SA is alive with e-campaigning possibilities

Good Luck!
The editor

Move over Obama - SA is alive with e-campaigning possibilities

By: Jarred Cinman
Article courtesy of DESIGN> magazine

For years to come, marketing analysts will pick apart the Obama presidential campaign to see exactly what it took to make it just so amazing. By harnessing the power of Twitter, Facebook, Xbox games and many other online portals, Obama managed to not only tap into the apathetic youth but succeeded in motivating hundreds of thousands of new voters to get to the polls...

Complaints received

From the Internet browser:

This email serves to complain about ******** Properties posting countless of the same items to get more exposure for his company name under the rental section. The ads are not even useful, has no pics except for his company logo and exact copied text on each one. Is this really necessary? There are pages upon pages of this and it makes surfing CyberProp impossible and extremely irritating. I have now just stopped and closed my browser after just finding another page filled with useless posts. Can someone please do something about this.

From the CyberAgent team:

Hi ***, I can well understand your frustration, however, I have investigated this, and the duplications are not actually duplications, but multiple units within a complex and unfortunately with just a logo instead of a picture, it’s very difficult to spot this.

I will suggest to ******* Properties to rather load the property once and then just under the notes specify the units available – but ultimately it is their decision

From the Internet browser:

If the guy really wanted to get rid of the units and get them rented why the hell can’t he just load a few pics (cause believe me all the units look more or less the same) and get it over and done with. Honestly, maybe you can send this to him but just seeing the name of ****** Properties will make me irritated with them immediately and not wanting to do business with them and believe me, I might be one of the people complaining but I’m not the only one frustrated. Not even the text he did enter is useful or descriptive really. So either he is a really bad salesman, or really just (and believe me KNOWINGLY) exploiting the fact that his name gets seen on multiple pages. All he is doing is making sure everybody knows he can’t get his rentals rented, cause there are pages and pages of them that just STAYS there. Changing a unit number in a list of worthless adverts does not make the ad better, it just gives people the impression that no one wants to rent them.

And this was not the only complaint we received in the last few weeks;

Can you please keep your properties up to date. A lot of properties are weeks old and already taken long ago but is still advertised on your website. This makes it very inconvenient and unnecessary time consuming for prospective buyers/renters.

I must be 100% honest I pitty anyone who deals with your firm

Moral of story – make sure that you list your properties correctly, with enough detail and photos!


Website Marketing - NEW

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What happens when an estate agent operating with a sole mandate leaves his agency?

When an estate agent tries to secure a sole mandate for the property, it is wise to ask him (or her) if he has any intention of leaving his company because if the agent does move on before selling the property he is not, by law, allowed to take the sole mandate with him – it remains with his agency.

It is, therefore, imperative to check out the agent’s future plans for employment...

Property removal warning from Website


Your properties (33) will no longer be listed on the following websites SHOULD YOU NOT UPDATE SOON

If you have received this warning and was perturbed about it, do not fear. Why this warning?

We do maintain a high standard of quality of the properties listed on CyberProp and our affiliated websites with respect to the period of time a listing has been displayed on the websites – there’s nothing less appealing to a person browsing a website than seeing the same old things week in and week out. We have therefore adopted the measure of removing a property from the website if it had been uploaded more than 30 days ago.

This means plainly that if you have not updated your website (and thus also in over 30 days – your properties will be taken off CyberProp. You will receive email confirmation of the fact on the day the properties are removed and notification to update prior to any removals.

For more information contact


How will South Africa’s real economy perform as global economic tsunami pounds?

By: Keith Campbell

The year 2009 has arrived on the wings of the storm. “The situation is dire, it is deteriorating, and it demands urgent and dramatic action,” said US President Barack Obama shortly before his inauguration.

It has been estimated that nearly $7-trillion (yes, trillion) of wealth was destroyed on US stock markets last year, from relentless declines in the values of stocks. This estimate comes from American analyst Jeremy Payne, who is a senior vice-president at S&P Capital IQ, a market research and analysis com- pany. He further estimates another $5-trillion in share price losses outside the US, and some $10-trillion lost in the global housing market. “We’re probably looking at $25-trillion worth of asset price deflation,” he told the Washington Post. The World Economic Forum (WEF) estimates that, worldwide, stock markets dropped by an average of 50% last year, and cautions that the decline could continue...

The TRAINER - Jill Corfield

Dear Computer Operators

Happy New Year to you all - I trust you all had a well deserved break and are truly back in the swing of things.

Herewith a very important email from Clive Ashpol of the EAAB which talks about the much confusion over whether or not Principals should do Level 4 first or just level 5.

Your Principal may or may not have seen this so decided to include it anyway.

Best wishes for 2009
Jill Corfield

Newcomer non-principal estate agents

All newcomers who want to register as non-principal estate agents must apply to the EAAB for registration as intern estate agents (in precisely the same way they would have done for registration as candidate estate agents under the old system) in the service of an estate agency undertaking...

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The Rental Giant 247
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U 52
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IEASA - Time for agents to think globally

Everyone knows that there are hundreds of thousands of South Africans living in Perth and London, but not many are aware that there are also 30 000 living in Florida in the US, and thousands in the states of Georgia and Michigan.

This emerged at the recent National Association of Realtors (NAR) conference held in Orlando, Florida and attended by several SA representatives, including Dr Willie Marais, national president of the Institute of Estate Agents (IEASA), who says: “Since 1994 the world has been open to South Africans and while many have chosen to emigrate permanently, many are also just working overseas to broaden their experience and before returning to SA...

Ex-pats homeward bound!

Article by: Yolandé Hayward

THE global economic meltdown and resulting widespread job cuts could result in South Africa‘s crippling brain drain soon becoming a brain gain as South Africans living abroad are forced to return home.

And it is has been predicted that within the next few months the “floodgates” will open as expats seek the security of home...

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Gore Vidal
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