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Newsletter - 30 June 2009
Word from the editor

Dear CyberAgent user,

Bafana Bafana steals hearts”, “More than 200 doctors are fired”, but what about news for real estate agents and real estate agencies on the property front?

Hopes for an easier home loan climate - Market indications are that the banks are adopting a more accommodating approach to approving home loans. And such a change is long overdue in that the tight restrictions and unofficial moratoriums applied by banks to home loan applications have undoubtedly impacted on the property market, says Gerhard Kotzé, CEO of the ERA South Africa property group.

FNB LOAN TO VALUE CRITERIA CHANGE - FNB have notified us that with immediate effect they will consider approving loans up to a maximum ltv of 95% in cases where the purchase price of the property is R1.5m. Their previous maximum ltv in this category of purchase price was 90%. Our Loan to Value Bank Guide-lines matrix will be amended accordingly. ooba

Municipal rates to drop? - We are coming up to that time of the year when administered costs once again start stretching the rand in one’s pocket. Electricity charges will shock and, no doubt, household rates will increase once again. Municipalities around the country will be sharpening their pencils as they seek more and more income with which to cover the current boom in infrastructural spending. The race to finish developments in time for the Soccer World Cup next year will no doubt produce a rash of over-runs, budget deficits and cash flow calamities. Pam Golding Intellectual Property

THE PRECARIOUS FUTURE OF OUR SIGNBOARDS -The Institute of Estate Agents is presently engaging Nationally with the various Municipalities to save our signage. Please realize outdoor advertising has become a big “clean up Issue” in time for 2010 Soccer. If your local Institute asks you for comment on the proposed new rules, please take the trouble to answer and get involved. It is in your own interest. Our apathy about our own industry is why we have these educational unit standards that we have today. So few people bothered to comment so we are stuck with them [at least until they expire]. The Trainer by JILL CORFIELD

All Real Estate Tools are Equal.. And Pigs Can Fly! Technology has become an integral part of Real Estate over the past few years. Tools like CyberAgent have played - and will an increasing important role in the future of Real Estate. Real Estate agencies and real estate agents using a tool like CyberAgent, gain the advantages of using the latest technology to benefit their business. The real challenge is to find a software application (programme) that supports all facets of the property industry, cutting out the need to duplicate day-to-day work. CyberAgent provides answers to all the estate agent's and estate agency’s needs

"Thanks! It looks great! Went to training today, I feel the whole package is great value and very professional. Regards, Dianne"

Good Luck!
The editor

Whats New

New software version

Just a friendly reminder that the latest version of Cyberagent is now 3.100.1381. Please update your software.

New Property Info Display on website

1. You can now change the property display on your website to have a picture slide show instead of all the pictures displaying underneath each other. The agents info can also be moved to the right column above or below the picture slide show

2. You can display all the pictures in rows above the property info section with the agent info moved to the right of the page.

Email if you want your website's property display page updated.
Remember to mention which option you prefer.


New Website Features

Thinking of giving your website a “face lift”?

Email us, and let us give you a quotation or add the following website additions to your website;

Get these cool add-ons for your website!

1. Google Maps and Notes Translation

  • Google Maps down to suburb level on your property search with zoom in and out capability

    >> View Example

  • Suburb Map added to property display

    >> View Example

  • International visitors can now view your English property notes in over 40 languages (Click on the translate link in the notes field)

    >> View Example

Once off setup cost:

Price: R450-00 Excl Vat

Monthly Hosting: FREE

2. Community Links Page and Manager

You can now add a links page to your website!

How it works:

  • Once you have registered you will receive your own username and password to login to your links manager.
  • Once logged in you can create deferent categories, create links to other websites and manage link requests
  • Anybody can now request their link to be added to your website from your Links page
    • A visitor can complete the link request form
    • You will be notified via email about the new link request
    • Once logged in you can either accept or decline the link request
    • As administrator you can also modify information entered by anybody who has a link on your website

Once off setup cost:

Price: R450-00 Excl Vat

Monthly Hosting: FREE

3. Keep me informed

You can now keep the visitors to your website up to date with new listings via Email and SMS.

How it works:

  • Visitors save their search criteria on the website by creating a profile.
  • As soon as a property matching that criteria is loaded they will receive an Email and SMS with the new property's details

Once off setup cost:

Price: R300-00 Excl Vat

SMS Bundles:

R30-00 Excl Vat for 100 SMS's

4. How to order

Send an email to stating your website address and what feature you would like to add to your website.

Fewer agents: industry set for lasting change

The drop of more than 50% in the number of registered estate agents in South Africa is likely to change the face of the industry dramatically – and permanently.

In reaction to the news that the number of agents has dropped from about 80 000 in 2007 to about 38 000 currently, Dr Willie Marais, national president of the Institute of Estate Agents (IEASA), says it is unlikely that the number will materially increase in future, even when the economic climate improves.

From our Support Desk

How can I rectify the Location of the property. It is a farm in Bot River on the Van der Stel Pass

Receiving an Email from CyberAgent regarding updating Errors means the properties you have listed are listed in the incorrect locations and to update these properties you have to update your CyberAgent Suburb List.

To update your CyberAgent Suburb list simply follow the following steps:

  • Go to CyberAgent / Utilities and click on the Option “Database Clean Up” This will open the “Location and Property Type Download and Request Form”
  • Select the “Download” tag in the middle of the screen and make sure the “Download option” is selected on “All"
  • Click on the “download” button in the right bottom corner. This will now “Download” and “Import” the Update CyberAgent Suburb List and all correct location will be available to use
  • Go back to the Properties that gave you the “Invalid Location – Updating Error” message and select the correct location for the specific Properties
  • Correct all properties and just do an Update Website. These Properties will update in the correct location and will update to the Internet.

Please do not hesitate to contact support on (011) 955-9100 or mail us at should you need any assistance.

Kind Regards,


Property information requests from CyberAgent Server


All property information requests are sent from our Cyberagent server, if you simply reply to this email, the email will not be sent to the person who has made the request. Make sure to use the customer's correct address provided in the information request as indicated below:

From: CyberAgent Web Server []
Sent: 04 June 2009 09:27 AM
To: xxxxxxxx
Subject: Farm (vacant land) 1200hectars and Holiday Home to sell in the Western Cape - L Properties t/a Pearl Corel 1375 CC


Customer Message Request
Customer: Francois
Email: xxxxxxxx
Tel: xxxxxxxx
Fax: xxxxxxxx
Cell: xxxxxxxx
Addressed to: Sales
Date and time of request: 06/04/09 09:27:03 AM
Message: Regarding your message , Raymond Rabie, I would please like to know if you would like to market my properties


Website Marketing - NEW

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Monthly Stats - End May 2009


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Debt collectors only!

Estate agents and sectional title managing agents must be registered as debt collectors before they can collect rental arrears, the council for debt collectors said on Wednesday.

"If they do so they are acting illegally and are contravening the Debt Collectors Act," chairman Jasper Noeth told a media briefing in Pretoria...

CyberAgent Training and Info Sessions

We now provide you with FREE training session in the following areas;

  • Gauteng
  • Kwazulu Natal
  • Western Cape
  • and the Garden Route

During these training sessions more information will also be provided on:

  • CyberAgent Anywhere
  • Keep me Informed Function
  • New developments in CyberAgent
  • New Update Manager
  • REEP (Real Estate Evaluation Portal)
Western Cape
Gauteng Training Sessions

Date: Daily
09h30 to 12h30 - Beginners
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Tel: (011) 955-9100

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Western Cape Training Sessions

Date: 14th and 28th July 2009
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Cost: FREE!
Venue: 65 Balfour Street, Parow, Cape Town


10th and 24th of July respectively

Chris Niemandt
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A warm welcome to all new Agencies May 2009:

We trust that by now you are well aware of what CyberAgent can do for you. If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at or phone us at: +27 (0)11 955-9100 or 086 112- 9237

Most Internet enquiries May 2009:

Company Requests
Proplist - PIP 525
Chas Everitt International Property Group 299
The Rental Giant 140
Wendy Machanik Properties 115
The Letting Agent 109
NWSE Property Group 101
Rent n Buy Properties 87
Definite Shelter Properties 77 73
Hall Real Estate - Alberton 68
Hall Real Estate - Bedfordview/Edenvale 62
Anne Porter Properties (Pty) Ltd 59
Marduk Real Estate CC 58
Providence Realty 57
RKD Trading And Projects 56
Aragon Properties 56
Dormehl Property Group - Rentals KZN 52
Zenith Real Estates - Rentals 50
Startprop to host breakfast to explain RPL programme

Click here to visit their web siteThe many estate agents in the Western Cape who regard the new educational requirements as a severe imposition from the State bodies who legislate on these matters will be interested to know that on 26th July the estate agency, Startprop, will be hosting a breakfast in an attempt to demystify and explain what the whole RPL programme is aiming at. The keynote speaker will be Ivor Blumenthal, the Head of SSETA (the Services Sector Educational Training Authority).

CyberAgent - overview

IEASA news - Institute of Estate Agent and the Estate Agency Board - What's the difference?

There's a world of difference between the Institute of Estate Agents of South Africa (IEASA) and the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB). Unfortunately, a lot of people confuse the two organisations, which causes frustration all round. We'd like to unravel the mystery.

The EAAB is the official regulating authority for the estate agency profession, and every estate agent must, by law, be registered with it. The EAAB has only one office, in Johannesburg...


The board achieves regulation through:

  • Preventing unsuitable persons from entering the industry.
  • Adminstering a qualifying examination for new applicants.
  • Investigating complaints concerning improper estate agency conduct and activity.
  • Imposing disciplinary on estate agents found to have violated the licensing Act or Code of Conduct, and
  • Reimbursing consumers who have suffered financial loss through the theft by estate agents of trust monies, from its Fidelity Fund.

The role of the Board is neither to protect the regulated industry nor to protect consumers at all cost. Instead, the role of the Board is to protect the public interest. Protecting the public interest means assuring every individual's right to justice and equal treatment whether that individual is a consumer or estate agent practitioner. The Board must, therefore, use its best efforts to achieve fair and impartial enforcement of the law.


Be advised that your Agency's Audit Report is due for submission to the EAAB Four (4) months after your financial year end. Failure to submit will result in the disqualification of your Agency and all the agents. You will become liable to be charged and a fine of R500 will be levied.

Please find a blank audit report form on this website under Estate Agents Services then Registrations or contact the Board on (011) 731 5600


Quotation of the month

"We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations."
Charles R Swindoll