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Newsletter - May 2010
Word from the editor

Dear CyberAgent user,

The caliber of estate agents and franchise application has improved. This according to Tony Clarke, MD of Rawson Properties. “We are now witnessing the demise of the housewife/part time agent who comes into the industry to make a little spare cash. Today’s applicants quite often have tertiary education qualifications and among those applying for franchises the majority have had previous successful careers and business experience”. This is indeed good news for the real estate industry.

As an agent is it not time to set rules for buyers and sellers to adhere to? In our previous edition we asked you to send us your viewpoints and received numerous emails from agencies that would like to know more;

I try to sell Farms / game Farms in the Waterberg. I would like to charge a professional fee for taking clients to view Farms, in part to separate the " free game-drive " weekenders from serious Buyers as well as covering my costs (diesel , wear and tear ) and time ! People don’t walk into a Doctor or Lawyers Office for a Day not expecting a Bill . Would this be ethical?

Should you wish to get involved with other real estate agencies regarding this issue mail us at

CyberAgent’s commitment to the real estate office; to continually develop products or modules that will consistently ensure cutting-edge technology that caters to any changes within the market. When you use CyberAgent you don’t have to use any other application as it is the one-stop-shop that any real estate office needs. CyberAgent has a whole new module available, the Advert Generator. This module allows users to create their own adverts e.g. newspaper adds, single ads and various others. This has an easy to use interface with various pre-set templates available and allows for multiple selected properties to be used to generate a single advert. This module is available to all our desktop users (CyberAgent Professional and CyberAgent Lite) at NO extra cost. Read more in Programme Enhancements

Good Luck!
The editor

Programme Enhancements

CyberAgent now has an Advert Generator Module.

The idea behind this module is so that the agency can generate its own adverts for newspaper or for distribution as a pamphlet.

The module has 11 templates to choose from.

The templates range from a single listing advert, up to a 30 listing full page advert spread.

Each template has its own top margin, bottom margin, left and right margin images for the agency to setup.( As required by template)




6 Adverts - 2 Big 4 small - Notes


10 Adverts - 2 Big 8 small


13 Adverts - 1 big 12 small


16 Adverts - 16 Small ads


30 Adverts - Newspaper


1 Advert - single


1 Advert - Double


5 Adverts- 1 Strip - Single Ads


10 Adverts- 2 Strips- Single Ads


3 Adverts- 1 Strip - 2 Double, 1 single in middle


6 Adverts- 2 Strip - 2 Double, 1 single in middle

The module is split up in 5 pages.

  • Page 1 is a preview of the template(No data just place holder)
  • Page 2 is Listing selection
  • Page 3 is arranging the advert per listing
  • Page 4 is page setup ( includes company log image file and such)
  • Page 5 is printing the advertisement to screen, printer, pdf or word document.

Each advert campaign is given a name, date published and a template selection.

On the property selection page, you can filter based on certain criteria. You then add the listing to the advert campaign

You can add, remove and reorder the selected listings.

On Page 3 is the advert campaign setup. This includes captions note detail and picture selection

On page 4 is the advert layout page, here you select margin images and company logo if required by template

Page 5 is for printing the advert campaign.

Template 5 with the right images and text input would look something like this

For more information on this module, please contact

The Big Threes for Success in the Field

The Property Consumer By Jill Corfield

Here is a quick test to see if you are an inspirational entrepreneur. It is called the 3 x 3 Test of Inspirational Entrepreneurship and is based on the understanding that inspirational entrepreneurs operate on three levels, everywhere, and all the time...

From our Webmaster

Did you know that shows usage statistics, updated on a monthly basis?

To view these stats follow this link:

You can also view CyberProp's 15 top viewed property:

Link Exchanges

While link exchanges can be beneficial to your search engine ranking other factors also need to be considered which will have a much better effect on your ranking.

The following email was forwarded to us by one of our CyberAgent users who wanted to know if it will be worth while adding the link to their website

I maintain the links section for a Green Valley, real estate web site. We're improving our search engine rankings by establishing link partnerships with quality real estate web sites around the world. Your real estate web site caught my attention and I would like to propose a link exchange. To accept this invitation, please paste the following text into your page:

<a href=>Link Title</a> - Easy home searches for the Green Valley, home buyer.

So we can link back to you, we can accept your real estate web site details into our links section at

Thank you for your consideration and I appreciate the opportunity to work with you.

Our response

We receive emails like this on a daily basis, and no, it is not worth while adding them to your website. Adding more area related content to the website will have a much better effect on search engines. Area information will be placed on your website at no cost. All you need to do is send the information in MS Word format to


To the editor

Bravo CyberAgent!

I was delighted to hear today that through the website there is now an affiliation with over 100 websites following your deal with the Talent Ocean group who run 54 websites. With each and every sites doing between 175 000 and 200 000 page impressions and receiving unique visitors of 15 000 – 25 000 individually per site these are really exciting traffic figures. Another 3,5 million page impressions with over 200 000 unique users is certainly something to get excited, about unless of course you think traffic is only something you get stuck in on the way home at lunchtime on a Friday in Cape Town.

The value in the decision of the Chas Everitt International property group to use CyberAgent to manage our websites has been confirmed many times over, not just for the service we receive from their service driven support team, but most importantly for the business we get from websites that are easily found on Google and are well structured for quick navigation and fast response times. Frankly you are our not so secret weapon! When I look at the 'pretty but slow' or the 'fancy but can't be found' websites of the opposition I am always rather smug that we have chosen you as our website providers.

Exposure on another 54 websites - now that's exposure no business can do without! Well done Team Cyberagent - you've done it again!

Andre de Villiers
Marketing Manager
Chas Everitt International


From Domains & Emails

Spam Abuse

It was recently brought to our attention that spam was sent from a client’s email address via our server.

Spam is a generic term that refers to the act of indiscriminately sending unsolicited, unwanted, irrelevant or inappropriate messages via email.

These are usually promotions or advertisements sent in ‘bulk’ to the email addresses of people who have not requested this information.

All hosting companies have strict policies that do not tolerate spam. The Internet community is also made up of independent bodies that have been put in place to monitor and combat spam.

Sending “spam” is an illegal practice.

With that said it is unfortunately so that “spammers” have sophisticated methods of obtaining email addresses and still have various means of getting their “stuff” sent. It’s impossible to explain, in detail, these methods or tactics etc. in the one email but Wikipedia explains a lot on the topic of spam. It makes for quite interesting reading.

It is however possible for a spammer to guess / crack the password on a mailbox, and it is then easy to use the logon details to authenticate and send mail

Our Hosting Company, Hetzner, takes spam offenses extremely seriously and reserves the right to suspend or even terminate services without warning on an account that violates this policy. Whether the spam abuse was intentional or not doesn’t matter to them. Very important, Spam abuse often results in blacklisting of the mail server causing mail delivery failures.

It is therefore highly recommended to use secure passwords to avoid this type of abuse and I would like to appeal to everyone currently not using a very secure password to contact us in this regard. A strong password needs to consist of a minimum of 8 characters and a Combination of letters, numbers and symbols that makes the password harder to guess. The greater the variety of characters in a password, the better. For example “A1@e78T2”

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you need any assistance.



From our Support Desk

Dean from our support desk at his best!

Hi All,

Please note that our current CyberAgent build no is 3.100.1431.

In this version the SMS function has also been upgraded. Clients will only be able to send 612 characters (4 SMS) at once, as this is the maximum allowed. If you exceed the limit you will be warned. If the message is ignored, another warning will appear to notify the user that only the first 612 characters will be sent.

To have the SMS functionality available, please update your software to the latest version, and do not hesitate to contact our support line for any questions or help!

Furthermore the term “MNet aerial” has been replaced with “DSTV Dish”.

For our Cyberagent Anywhere users a bulk picture upload has been added. This will allow you to load multiple pictures at the same time.

An auto complete function has been added to our CyberProp websites. This will make the search of Properties by City or Suburb far easier for the end users.

CyberProp Newsletters:

Do you receive the CyberProp weekly newsletter? It is sure to have helpful information. If you do not receive this newsletter, view any past newsletters at, and there is a link at the top that will allow you to subscribe.

Should you experience any problems or have any questions, please contact our support desk on 011 955 9100 or email


Website Marketing - Now more than 100 websites!

Click Here for printable .pdf file

Monthly Stats - End April 2010

Internal Site Page Impressions Total Users Unique users 2,345,813 436,174 213,993 627,004 35,066 16,023 468,884 25,587 11,099 436,225 15,766 6,136 138,004 4,805 1,564 765,731 23,641 7,575 360,055 13,882 6,791 67,919 3,367 777
Sub Totals: 5,209,635 558,288 263,958
External Site Page Impressions Total Users Unique users 409,414 34,017 548,963 28,442 3,305,360 172,185
Sub Totals: 4,263,737   234,644
Portals Page Impressions Total Users Unique users 14,078,025 575,803 51,162 22,624 2,220,557 627 700 1,090,782 179,121 31,431,277 837,364
Sub Totals: 48,871,803   1,614,912
GRAND TOTALS: 58,345,175 558,288 2,113,514


CyberAgent Training and Info Sessions

We provide you with FREE training session in the following areas;

  • Gauteng
  • Kwazulu Natal
  • Western Cape
  • and the Garden Route

During these training sessions more information will also be provided on:

  • CyberAgent Anywhere
  • Keep me Informed Function
  • New developments in CyberAgent
  • New Update Manager
  • REEP (Real Estate Evaluation Portal)
Western Cape
Gauteng Training Sessions

Date: Daily
09h30 to 12h30 - Beginners
14h00 to 17h00 - Advanced
Cost: FREE!
Venue: 22 Ackerman Street, Witpoortjie, Roodepoort, 1724


Tel: (011) 955-9100

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Western Cape Training Sessions

Dates: 8th and 22nd of June
09h00 to 11h00 - CA Beginners
11h00 to 13h00 – CAA & Sales
12h00 to 16h00 – CA Sales & Advanced

Cost: FREE!
Venue: 65 Balfour Street, Parow, Cape Town


4th and 18th of June respectively

Chris Niemandt
Cell 082 432 6963

Contact us to book your CyberAgent Anywhere training session today


A warm welcome to all new Agencies April 2010:

We trust that by now you are well aware of what CyberAgent can do for you. If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at or phone us at: +27 (0)11 955-9100 or 086 112- 9237

Most Internet enquiries April 2010:

Company Requests
Chas Everitt International Property Group 1371
Proplist 552
Hall Real Estate - Alberton 281
Ontime Properties 239
The Letting Agent 218
The Rental Giant 185
Wendy Machanik Properties 102
Exotic Properties 98
Anne Porter Properties (Pty) Ltd 91
Rentalsdotcom Summerton 84
Impact Estates 83
RE/MAX Central - Midrand 82
Summer Homes Residential Sales & Rentals 80
NHLURI Properties 76
Definite Shelter Properties 71 68
Hall Real Estate - Bedfordview/Edenvale 67
Rent n Buy Properties 66
Nicopolis Real Estate 62
Sherlock Homes 60

Company Profile

The Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) is a public entity established to regulate and control certain activities of estate agents having due regard to the public interest and is mandated through the Estate Agency Affairs Act, 112 of 1976:

  • To maintain and promote the standards of conduct of estate agents;
  • To manage the registration of qualified applications of estate agents
  • To issue Fidelity Fund Certificates
  • To manage the educational and examination standards of the estate agents
  • To regulate the activities of estate agents.

The EAAB is listed as a Public entity in terms of the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA) Act 1 of 1999.This legislation places responsibility on the Board of the organisation, as the accounting authority, to manage the resources in a manner that encourages efficiencies and accountability for the use of public funds. A key responsibility is to present to the Executive Authority with an annual Strategic plan for a rolling three year period.An additional responsibility conferred on the EAAB is to be supervisory body in terms of the Financial Intelligence Act.

Vision, Mission and Values

Our organizational Vision:
To be a world class regulator that is responsive to, and surpasses, its stakeholder needs and expectations.

Our organizational Mission:
To regulate, protect, guide and enhance the integrity of the real estate profession.

Our Values:
After comprehensive consultation and interaction with all relevant stakeholders, both internal and external, within the real estate environment, consensus has been reached that the following values will underscore the Board’s behaviour as it strives towards the achievement of the ideals encapsulated in its vision and mission, namely:

  • Integrity: Quality of adhering to high moral principles and/or professional standards
  • Responsibility: The authority to make decisions independently and to be accountable for
    something or someone;
  • Excellence in service delivery: Exceed client expectations is service delivery;
  • Communication: The effective exchange of information between individuals and/or
    organisations by using written and verbal means and in such a manner that there
    is a mutual understanding;
  • Participation: Involving all relevant stakeholder in what we do; and
IEASA - Western Cape appoints a top training manager

Living up to its promise to give its members the best training possible, the Western Cape branch of the Institute of Estate Agents of South Africa has appointed Sandy Walsh to head up its training and education division.

Before joining the property sector in Zimbabwe, Walsh had 14 years marketing, public relations and training experience. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, she was the top agent with Pam Golding Properties in Harare and in 2001 became a co-franchisee of the PGPZim franchise, of which she was the principal. Her team, it is said, were the leading agents in Harare for several years...

News from Betterbond


Betterbond, South Africa’s largest bond originator, recently announced the first set of winners for its Blue Door Amazing Race Challenge, which commenced in March this year. The Challenge will officially end on 31 October.

Rozelle Homann of Welgedact Properties in the Western Cape, Thorsten Weiss of TW Property Investments in Johannesburg and Peter Harrington of RE/MAX First in the Freestate have each been awarded a R500 cash prize for the highest rand value deal granted through Betterbond in March.

“The prize money was uploaded into their Blue Door Visa Electron debit cards, which means that they can now spend it at any retail outlet nationwide,” confirms Rudi Botha, CEO of Betterbond. He says that the estate agent with the highest rand value of bonds granted through Betterbond for the period 1 March to 31 October 2010 will win R35 000 in Blue Door Cash while the three runners up will each receive R15 000 in Blue Door Cash.

Participating estate agents can earn R50 for every R150 000 of a bond granted through Betterbond. They also stand a chance to win a share of R15 000 in spot cash prizes each month.

Top 10 Tips for generating new leads

Here are’s Top 10 Tips for Generating New Leads:

1. Have a compelling marketing message. Be prepared to convince people why they should do business with you. Know what sets you apart, what you can offer and ensure the message is commensurate with the demographic of the advertising medium...

Calibre of estate agents and franchise applicants has improved, says Rawson MD

The recent International Franchise Expo at Sandton, Johannesburg, and a 110% increase in “hits” on the Rawson Properties website (since January 2010), indicate clearly that the calibre of those applying to become franchisees or estate agents in the SA residential property sector is improving by leaps and bounds, says Tony Clarke, MD of Rawson Properties, which claims at the moment to be the fastest growing residential property franchise group in SA...

Quotation of the month

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