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October 2013 and who would have thought that a month so close to the end of the year can be so busy. Over 100 new systems were sold and SAPTG information and training seminars took place in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Bloemfontein, Polokwane and Nelspruit.

If you have missed out on these training session do not hesitate to attend the free training session we offer at our offices or via Teamviewer.

A question that comes up at most of these training session is; what does "CMA" stand for? The answer is... Comparative Market Analysis.

A big hit is the new map search and virtualization and Google map search in SAPTG. For more information on how to use these facilities do not hesitate to contact our support desk, or view our training videos on

Our CyberAgent and SAPTG clients are well aware that we are customer driven and excel in anticipating and responding quickly to their needs. Of importance to us is also the delivery of consistent product quality within our CyberAgent and SAPTG product offerings. One of the areas that we are currently focusing on is Social Media. Read more; Coming Soon - Social Media Integration

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CyberAgent News
Coming Soon - Social Media Integration
Tivvit's new Social Media App will make is easy to update listings to various Social Media Platforms. It will also enable your followers to Share, Like, Tweet and +1 your properties to the rest of the world. The new Facebook App can also be used as a responsive website witch will automatically adjust the design to the device your customer is using, whether it is a Smartphone, Tablet or normal PC. More information to follow soon.

Tell us what part Social Media plays in your online marketing by completing this short survey:

Performance of the property market
Available, market stats of transfers during the period Jan 2008 to Sept 2013. Although erratic, market looks to be on slight upturn over the past few months...

We are committed, are you?
One of our Company values is that we are totally committed to our loyal, brand-name clients who will be satisfied with our services and solutions...

SAPTG Enhancements
There are 2 new Transfer Summary reports in SAPTG/CAA SAPTG. One on SAPTG suburb layer and the other on the Deeds Office Suburb layer.

The standard transfer report will only return max 500 records and cannot display the total sales for a suburb.

We have also added average sales and transfers by suburb and city on the Transfer Report.

EAAB – Professional Designation Examination For 14 November 2013


To accommodate demand the cut-off date for registration for the PDE to be written on 14 November 2013 has been extended  from Friday 25 October 2013 to 1 November 2013.

IEASA – Estate Agency Affairs Board Appoints A New Chief Executive Officer
After the conclusion of a comprehensive and rigorous selection process, Mr. Bryan Chaplog has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the EAAB with effect from 1 October 2013.

7 Keys that bring Success
  1. Your Attitude to everything in life
  2. Living with Gratitude 
  3. Positive Self Image - how you see yourself is how others see you - this is Important
  4. Motivation of Goal setting
  5. Choices and Consequences - Saying YES means Saying NO
  6. Discipline - Without this you don't have anything
  7. Priorities - You live According to your priorities 

CyberAgent & SAPTG Training
We provide you with FREE training session in the following areas;
  • Gauteng (Daily)
  • Western Cape (Monthly)
  • Kwazulu Natal (Quarterly)
  • Garden Route (Quarterly)
  • Eastern Cape (Twice yearly)
  • Free State (Twice yearly)
  • Mpumalanga (Twice yearly)

about our upcoming training events
(including dates and venues)

A Powerful Viral Marketing Tool For You

Good news! Your properties can now be listed on YouTube!

Brought to you by Tivvit Solutions, TivvitTube can now convert your pictures to video. These videos include funky sound tracks, display descriptions (your note fields) and click through links to your website, where applicable.

Videos are then uploaded to YouTube.

TivvitTube is available to all CyberAgent and Property24 users.

The benefits of this is that;

  1. Your property will be listed on
  2. You will rank better on search engines like Google due to external links back to your website
  3. This will then add exposure for your sellers properties giving you that competitors edge

How does this work?

Once registered, all your properties, no limitation, with 3 or more pictures will be converted into video and posted on YouTube. Every time you make a change to either a picture or modify the property description we will redo the video, remove the previous video from YouTube and post the new one. All this will happen within 48 hours.

Furthermore, when updating to Property 24 though CyberAgent your videos will be featured under the slideshow tab of the property on the Property24 website.


  • Once off setup fee of R345
  • Monthly fee of R345
  • * Prices quoted exclude VAT

How do I register?

Contact our Sales Department at:
Tel: 011 955 9100

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Agent Manager Update - Added Social Medial Links
Private Property Feed Update
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From our Support Desk

Build 1683 is now available. Please make sure that you are using the latest version of CyberAgent.

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SAPTG Quick Search Tips

Battling to find the correct property on the SAPTG website, read our handy tips.

From our Webmaster

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - Why you should add regular fresh content to your website...

Quotation of the month

"Stop seeing the obstacles you face as reasons why you can't do something. See them as a reason why you can. And celebrate your accomplishments on a daily basis."

- Ali Vincent, Believe It, Be It: How Being the Biggest Loser Won Me Back My Life, 2009

In our thoughts

Willem Bronkhorst from the Lacen Group’s dad passed away. He and his family is in our thoughts

Aletta Joubert from our Accounts Department will undergo an operation on 07 November 2013. Our prayers are with her.

Barry Davies from the Chas Everitt International Property Group underwent surgery. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Dean Cranko left our services end October 2013. We wish him all the best for the future.

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