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The period it takes to register a transfer | CyberAgent News | 12-15

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The period of time it takes to register a transfer depends on the co-operation of each party and to what extent they have complied with their contractual arrangements.

Unforseen difficulties too numerous to mention, for example, the death of one of the parties, will cause delays. The aforemaentioned aside, the average registration of transfer is completed within six to eight weeks.

Estate Agents can speed up the process of property transfer by attending to the following points:

  • Obtain copies of identity documents of all parties to the sale
  • Ensure full names and postal addresses of all parties are obtained and correct
  • Arrange good quality copies of agreement of sale for conveyancer
  • Ensure correctness of erf numbers and property details on all documents
  • Follow up on letter of bond grant from financial institution
  • Follow up on any other suspensive conditions
  • Arrange beetle an electrical certificates
  • Arrange timeous instructions to conveyancer
  • Punctual receipt of deposit cheque
  • Ensure good communiction to all parties throughout!