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About LEVYDOC | CyberAgent News | 12-15

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A body corporate is required under sectional titles law to establish an administrative fund to cover a scheme’s annual expenses, including repair, upkeep, control, management, and administration costs. Levies are an owner’s annual contribution into this fund.

Practical wisdom dictates that efficient levy-collection is not only a duty but an indispensable tool for ensuring a sectional title scheme’s survival which should not to be underestimated by trustees and managing agents.

When dealing with defaulting owners, a letter sent by an attorney – as opposed to a debt-collector or credit bureau – is, by-and-large, the most effective first step towards resolution for one simple reason: it is the most likely to get an immediate response.

Marlon Shevelew and Associates Inc, SA’s most awarded property law firm, brought you RentDoc, which allows a landlord or rental agent to register FREE online and complete and submit a short online checklist on and then have a personalised letter of demand prepared and sent to a defaulting tenant for monies owing, on their own Law Firm letterhead, for a fee of R40 plus vat.

Now we have taken the next step and are proud to introduce LevyDoc, which allows bodies corporate and managing agents to register FREE online and have a fully compliant letter of demand for levies, admin fees, penalties and more sent to a unit owner, on their own Law Firm letterhead for a fee of only R50 plus vat.