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Newsletter - 25 Februarie 2004
Word from the editor

Dear Agency,

Well we promised that we will keep you posted and entertained in 2004 and that is exactly what we doing with this issue.

This month we are going to teach you on the following:

  • what multiple listing is
  • that the word "quality" defines meeting the needs of a client
  • how to market your website

To crown it all, we are going to give you seven strategies on how to turn your business around.


The editor

The CyberAgent team can now assist you with the following:

  • Bond registrations - high commissions paid
  • Bridging finances on agents commissions

For more information email


In the near future we will be providing training seminars throughout South Africa. You will be informed and invited to join in these seminars:

  • March 2004 - Johannesburg
  • April 2004 - Cape Town
  • April 2004 - Port Elizabeth
  • April 2004 - Durban

To enable us to give you the full benefit of these training sessions we would ask you to complete the "Agent User Questionnaire". Click here go to our on-line Questionnaire now or go to

The cost for these sessions will be R100-00 per person exl VAT.

The Multiple Listing Service/Network (MLS/N)

A multiple listing service is a system for collecting and organizing information on available properties in a given area. Such information is shared by members/agencies who agree to cooperate with each other and to abide by certain operating procedures. This service enables buyers to have a vast selection of homes to consider, while sellers benefit from having their property exposed to a large network of real estate professionals and their clients.

Your CyberAgent programme allows you to make use of this function. In addition to its primary function of maintaining a comprehensive database on thousands of properties, CyberAgent produces various legal forms, publications and reports for its members. The "multiple" also maintains an electronic keybox system, which allows access to listings by authorized agents.

Other benefits include an array of computerized services to assist with property searches, financial analysis, communications between offices, and access to data on property taxes, and other information. Ongoing training and technical support are also available to CyberAgent users.

For more information, email

Quality means customer is first - The Star 29/09/2003

In the total quality management sense, the word "quality" defines meeting the needs of a client.

So, for example, a family living in a remote part of the country would find their transport needs are best met by an old, yet reliable, Land-Rover. In this context, a Land-Rover is a quality car. A Rolls-Royce here would not be. As far as total quality management is concerned, quality is very much in the eye of the beholder...

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Message board - CyberAgent wish list

Are you aware of the CyberAgent wish list? This is an unique function allowing us to see in which ways we can assist our CyberAgent users. All wishes can be placed on the message board.

This section was created for you, the user!You will find it under the button "contact us" ( This is where you can communicate with the company and also with fellow users. Here you can:

  • Ask questions
  • Give advice
  • Share information etc.
  • Place your wish list

On 10 February 2004, Jan Vorster, development and support CyberAgent wrote:

"A client has just requested that we introduce a feature on the picture side of things that would make it simple to put a "sold" across the picture...

Thanks for the idea - we'll see what we can do!" Newsletter

You get Free exposure of your website when you submit a news article as a valued CyberAgent customer. This newsletter is a very valuable tool in marketing the CyberProp website, and also YOUR own website. This newsletter is going out to thousands of subscribers on a weekly basis and is presented in such a way that it allows the reader to:

  • seamlessly go onto the website
  • seamlessly go onto the author of the news-article's website
  • read the news article by keeping it interesting

What to write? Anything relating to the industry! You can send your articles to:


Warm welcome to all new Agencies:

  • Co Prop (Durban)
  • Seeff (Pietermaritzburg)
  • Private Seller (Middelburg)
  • Sureway Properties (Pretoria)
  • Umbrella Realtors (Florida Hills)
  • Umbrella Realtors (Kloof En Dal)
  • Umbrella Realtors (Roodekrans)
  • Framework Properties (Orange Grove)
  • Remax Power (Witbank)

We trust that by now you are well aware of what CyberAgent can do for you. If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Jaco at or phone us at: +27 (0)11 955-9100 or 086 112- 9237

Most Internet enquiries:

The following agencies received the most Internet enquiries for January 2004

  • Wendy Machanik Properties 121 enquiries
  • Kilokor Properties 65 enquiries
  • U 60 enquiries
  • Firzt 55 enquiries

Advertising on

Yes you can now make use of this opportunity by advertising your PRIME properties on the homepage of Property of your choice would be displayed for a period of one week and only one property at a time. An opportunity not to be missed!
For more information contact:

New enhancement

Estate agencies now receives an email after a successful update of property to their website. If you do not receive an email pls. follow up with

Program upgrades - new version download
Staying ahead is what we value most of all. To give these upgrades to our users for FREE is what makes us proud. If you have not upgraded the latest changes or if you do not know how, contact

New changes includes the following:

  • CyberAgent’s Sales and Sales Transfer modules has been improved significantly with regards to advanced reporting.
  • All reporting now supports PDF (Portable Document Format) and MS Word document formats. It is also possible to email documents.
  • Deeds data import into the Canvas Manager from Property24 if you are a Property24 user with a valid user name and password.
  • New Universal Import Utility enables imports of data from various data sources.

CyberAgent Branding
If you are a CyberAgent user the CyberAgent logo can be used on your marketing material, agency boards, letterheads etc. We would like to create a stamp of approval branding for buyers and sellers to relate to. The CyberAgent logo will tell buyers and sellers that you are a professional real estate agency using professional tools. To receive the logo please email

How to market your website

I am sure that you have noticed that we had a serious increase in our web enquiries over the last few weeks. This was due to our vigorous listing on the major search engines. To enable your agency to obtain maximum exposure out of this exercise you must make sure that your website is updated on a regular basis and that your company details is correct. Click here to ensure that your company's details is correct.

How you can market your website.

  • Check up on advertising placed within printed media
  • Ensure that your website is visible
  • Big and bold is beautiful
  • Make sure that your web address is correctly spelled
  • Advertise your website on the right spot
  • Is your website on all your "For Sale" and "On Show" boards?
  • Advertise your website on bumper stickers
  • Be smart! Update your website on a regular basis

Properties on is removed 30 days after last update, this is to ensure that prospective buyers looking for properties do not find them in a position where the property has been sold ages ago.

Remember, SMART people ask:

Seven strategies to turn your business around

It was Yogi Berra that said: “if you get to a fork in the road – take it!” Out of 100 entrepreneurs reading this article, at least 80% are going through severe financial cash flow difficulty, and this article is dedicated to helping you find money when it is needed – fast! Some of these techniques might be a bit unconventional, but they work.

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