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TivvitTube is here!

TivvitTube is an application running on our servers which will convert your pictures to video / slideshow. Furthermore we’ve added funky sound tracks, display descriptions (your note fields) and will have a click through link to your website, where applicable, on this video.

This video/slideshow is then uploaded to YouTube.

The benefits of this is that;

  • Your property will be listed on
  • You will rank better on search engines like Google due to external links back to your website
  • This will then add exposure for your sellers properties giving you that competitors edge

To show you how it will look like, we have created the demo below.

How does this work

Once registered, all your properties, no limitation, with 3 or more pictures will be converted into video and posted on YouTube. Every time you make a change to either a picture or modify the property description we will redo the video, remove the previous video from YouTube and post the new one. All this will happen within 48 hours.

Once the video is posted it will also be available on all our group websites as well as your own website if we are hosting it.

Property 24

Good news is that when updating to Property 24 though CyberAgent your videos will be featured under the slideshow tab of the property. 

Contact us to Register:
Tel: 086 112 9237